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Native Teams Onboards Users in Seconds with Sumsub

  • Alex Mitrevska

    Alex Mitrevska

    Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Native Teams

  • 1 min

    median verification time

  • 35 sec

    Non-Doc verification time

  • 90%

    average approval rate

Native Teams empowers freelancers, remote workers, and their employers with global work payments, payroll, and tax management solutions, including employee benefits, visa support, and employment tools. 

With a commitment to international regulatory compliance, user security, and seamless user experience, Native Teams sought a reliable solution to address identity verification challenges and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

Before Sumsub, Native Teams conducted a  manual verification, including exhaustive checks on user identities, ID documents, and KYC forms. The process didn’t include checks against government databases, media, and blocklists; instead, it relied on voluntary, on-the-spot decisions made by the KYC team.

Alex Mitrevska

Alex Mitrevska

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Native Teams

Our company faced challenges related to user onboarding, regulatory compliance (including KYC and AML), and the need to enhance overall security in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Manual verification processes were time-consuming, and the potential risks of fraud and identity theft posed significant concerns.

The manual verification workflow was instead a dual challenge for Native Teams:

  1. Manually reviewing each KYC submission and ensuring alignment between IDs and user information proved highly inefficient.
  2. A lack of comprehensive data checks imposed significant security risks, including fraud and identity theft.

These challenges were particularly evident in Nigeria and other high-risk markets, highlighting the need for a more sustainable, automated verification solution.

Why Sumsub?

With Sumsub since January 2023, Native Teams was able to automate security during the KYC process. Native Teams have benefited from Sumsub’s cost-effective solutions, supported by extensive security databases, accessible tech support, and a user-friendly interface.

Alex Mitrevska

Alex Mitrevska

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Native Teams

Our collaboration with Sumsub helped us achieve the automated security we were seeking in a way that supports our commitment to staying in absolute compliance with international regulations and providing enhanced security for every platform user.

The Solution

Native Teams rely on Sumsub’s ID Verification, Address Verification, Liveness, and Ongoing AML Monitoring features to onboard users internationally and Non-Document Verification to verify users in high-risk markets.

Sumsub’s solutions were rapidly integrated into the Native Teams platform, providing users with easy onboarding without direct assistance. Sumsub’s features have also helped Native Teams expand globally, optimize resources, ensure compliance, and mitigate fraud and security-related risks.

Alex Mitrevska

Alex Mitrevska

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Native Teams

Sumsub streamlined our verification process and helped with global expansion, resource optimization, compliance assurance, and mitigation of fraud and security risks.


Native Teams’ journey with Sumsub started with a dedicated account manager consultation, allowing them to explore tailored solutions to meet their security needs. The company received an onboarding package, including detailed tech documentation and a sandbox environment to explore Sumsub’s solutions.

Native Teams were able to implement Sumsub’s features within a few weeks. With Sumsub’s technical support, the company made the required flow adjustments, resulting in a well-received and user-friendly experience.

The Results

Thanks to Sumsub’s verification platform, Native Teams onboard users faster and more efficiently.

The average processing time has decreased from around 4 to under 1 minute. Meanwhile, the approval rate went up from 78% to 90%. In high-risk markets where Sumsub’s Non-Document Verification is used, the average processing time is 35 seconds.

Future Plans

Native Teams looks forward to implementing Sumsub’s Business Verification solution to provide more secure onboarding for global employers. The company also plans to collaborate with an external card provider, which will also rely on Sumsub’s Reusable KYC feature to eliminate the need for repeat verification and streamline the user experience even more.

  • Fintech
  • UK

Native Teams operates in the payments, employment, and tax sectors, providing Employer-of-record (EOR) services and payment solutions to remote workers, freelancers, and their employers.


74K users
2020 year founded
180 employees
With Sumsub since January 2023


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