Payment Fraud Protection Solution

No payment fraud,
no money lost

Say goodbye to illegal chargebacks, card-not-present fraud, and other losses with our AI-driven payment fraud prevention solution

Stop money losses

Stop illegal withdrawals and reduce fraud-related chargebacks to zero

Keep partner relationships strong

Build a reputation as a trusted payment partner avoiding disputes and fines

Increase customer loyalty

Save customers money and win trust with a strong security commitment

Prevent multi-accounting at every step

Sumsub uncovers connected accounts by examining similarities in identity document templates and shared IP addresses, analyzing user behavior, transactions, and session data

Ultimate multi-accounting prevention at every stepUltimate multi-accounting prevention at every step

Automatically verify every single detail

Check payment methods

Detect graphic editor tampering and get a digital trust score to see if the bank card is trustworthy, at a glance. Automatically compare card data with identity information received during KYC checks.

Check payment methods

Stop blocking legitimate customers

Automatically differentiate between fraudsters and genuine customers, implementing real-time monitoring and additional actions for high-risk transactions.

Stop blocking legitimate customers

Identify complex fraud patterns

Discover suspicious activity with behavioral intelligence, IP address analysis, device fingerprinting, and other patterns. Cross-check against a 2M+ fraudster database for extra security.

Identify complex fraud patterns

Confirm that the user is legit

Run Face Authentication checks in under four seconds, on any device. This helps detect spoofing and deepfakes, as well as identify if the buyer is the owner of the bank card.

Confirm that the user is legit

Fast and hassle-free integration

You only require a one-time integration with Sumsub’s SDK, and most clients begin checks within one week. All further settings are code-free and available in the dashboard.

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Works on all devices

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Optimize your fraud detection and response strategy, where cost reduction is achieved effortlessly. Avoid internal development expenses with easy configuration and pre-designed anti-fraud rules.

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* According to G2 2024 Identity Verification Winter Report


  • What types of payment fraud are there?

    Payment fraud can take different forms such as credit card fraud, identity theft, account takeover, phishing, and more. To combat these threats, businesses can leverage payment fraud detection software to monitor and identify suspicious transactions, patterns, and anomalies.

  • How is payment fraud detected?

    Payment fraud is detected using methods such as pattern analysis, device fingerprinting, IP address and geolocation analysis, and more. Businesses can strengthen their fraud detection efforts by utilizing payment fraud protection software, which employs these techniques to identify and prevent fraudulent activities

  • What are some strategies to combat payment fraud?

    Strategies to combat payment fraud include implementing multi-factor authentication, using fraud monitoring and risk prevention systems, and more. Payment fraud prevention software incorporates multiple mechanisms and enhances fraud detection capabilities, providing businesses with robust protection against fraudulent activities.

  • How can payment fraud prevention solutions help?

    Payment fraud prevention solutions help businesses combat fraud by detecting suspicious activity in real-time, implementing multiple tools. Usually, such payment fraud detection systems include multi-factor authentication for added security, assigning risk scores to transactions, sending real-time alerts and blocking potentially fraudulent transactions, and providing analytics to improve fraud prevention strategies.