Payment fraud detection solution

Stop chargebacks before transactions are made

By ensuring that bank cards actually belong to users, you can say goodbye to illegal chargebacks forever

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Stop chargebacks before transactions are made

Is KYC your only answer to fraud?

70% of fraud occurs after the KYC stage. That’s why it’s important to detect risky transactions before they’re processed, preventing chargeback-related losses.

30% of fraud attempts
Step 1
Creating account
KYC verification
70% of fraud attempts
Step 2
Adding payment method
Bank card verified
Step 3
Making transaction
Face authenticated

Quit losing money on chargebacks

Reduce chargeback fees & inventory losses by minimizing unauthorized transactions and scrubbing fraud attempts on time.

Safeguard your reputation

Fraudulent transactions harm your relationships with payment partners, and can even lead to account termination in some cases. Chargeback protection helps you remain a reliable partner for clients and businesses.

One simple flow to prevent all chargebacks

Stay protected against the most common chargeback frauds: fake or stolen documents, compromised accounts, and social engineering.

Step 1
Bank card verificationBank card verification
  • Data validation
  • Data crosscheck
Step 2
Face authenticationFace authentication
  • Liveness
  • Face match

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What our multistage algorithm does to detect fraudsters

Determines if the bank card is real and belongs to the user

  • Detects traces of any graphic editors
  • Extracts data accurately no matter the language or country, concealing all sensitive data
  • Performs name match, comparing bank card data with the account holder’s name
  • Performs country match, comparing the bank card’s country of issue with ID data
Determines if the bank card is real and belongs to the user

Identifies complex fraud signals

  • Calculates risk score based on IP, device fingerprint, and other fraud signals
  • Conducts cross-checks through a unique database of more than 1,000,000 fraudsters
Identifies complex fraud signals

Ensures that the true account holder performs the transaction

  • Advanced biometrics check that takes user 4 seconds
  • Catches the savviest fraud attempts, such as deepfakes or lookalikes
  • Works on any device
Ensures that the true account holder performs the transaction
Crypto transactions monitoring

Working with cryptocurrencies? Check out our сrypto transactions monitoring.

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We care about your users’ data

  • Information security: credit card info is blurred automatically in accordance with PCI DSS
  • GDPR: data porting or deletion is available for all users with automatic data expiration
  • Data encryption: all Sumsub servers are located within a private virtual cloud with network access control lists
  • Authentication: support for single sign-on, two-factor authentication, user roles and permissions
We care about your users’ data

Manage the entire customer lifecycle, trouble-free

  • Beef up your existing KYC/AML process

  • Configure which users go through payment method checks

  • Manage all user data within a single dashboard

Easy integration with your stack

Integration via web SDK, mobile SDK, or our RESTful API, with an uptime of over 99.9%. Connect Sumsub to all of your tools


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say

Veronique Dos Reis
Veronique Dos Reis
Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Pinnacle

To keep our operational levels high, we needed a solution that could accelerate compliance processes and level-up security. Sumsub’s solution was a great choice for us. We have accelerated the verification of clients, source of funds verification, and have enabled the detection of false chargebacks. It was a great leap forward in terms of the internal organisation of our compliance processes

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