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Build custom workflows to suit any user or use case

Streamline your decision-making process with an automated workflow and get the highest pass rates possible for all user groups, code-free

Automate your
decision-making process

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    Set up your
    verification logic

    Build verification steps you need. Our solution architects will help you pick the right conditions, levels, triggers (based on input data), and actions—free of charge

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    Trigger the right

    Automatically execute pre-made verification scenarios for your target user audience based on the applicant’s data

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    Make smart

    Automate your decision-making process with flexible rules and actions, and only manually review cases you truly need to

Build verification flows code-free

Tailor verification to users from specific countries or jurisdictions and reach an optimal balance of high pass rates, compliance, and fraud protection

Orchestrate verification steps

Get higher pass rates with custom verification procedures based on country specifics, jurisdiction, and your own best practices. Some of your users might not even need to provide a document scan—help them onboard instantly.

Orchestrate verification steps

Double-check risky user groups

Easy verification for trusted users, and Automatically trigger additional checks, like liveness or source of funds, based on your risk policy for particular locations or user segments.

Double-check risky user groups

Take advantage of risk scoring

Adapt your verification workflows based on our advanced risk scoring system and ensure bulletproof protection of your business from bad actors. No more unforeseen issues and elusive fraud patterns.

Take advantage of risk scoring

Fit Sumsub right into your process

The Sumsub SDK requires a one-time integration that’s done in 1 hour. Our solution architects will perform the integration process free of charge. Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.

Get support at every step of the way

Get support at every step of the way

Our legal team is here to help you tackle any jurisdiction or legal challenge, on demand. Creating a compliant and user-friendly verification workflow in any market has never been easier.

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Davide Cuttini
Davide Cuttini

CEO at

We like how Sumsub's AI-based solution streamlines onboarding. The automatic KYC verification process is fast and easy for signing on our global users. This allows us to focus on developing OVR's world-scale metaverse while ensuring crypto compliance ... a definite must-have for Web 3.

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  • What is the customer onboarding process?

    Customer onboarding that new users must undergo in order to gain access to a product or service, usually with the help of automated identity verification software. Depending on your business and jurisdiction, your users need to verify during sign-up and/or at later stages.

  • What aspects of customer onboarding can you automate?

    It’s possible to automate every step of the onboarding process with an automated client onboarding tool, including document verification, background checks, and identity confirmation.

  • What is client onboarding software?

    Client onboarding software (also known as “orchestrated customer onboarding software”) can be a KYC/AML platform like Sumsub, designed ensure that the user is who they claim to be and isn’t involved in any fraud or money laundering activity.