Crypto Identity Verification

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platform built for
the crypto industry

Deter fraud and money laundering at every step of the user journey. Monitor suspicious activity, prevent account takeovers, and comply with the Travel Rule.

Stay compliant

Keep up with evolving regulations and enter new markets with backup from in-house legal experts

Deter fraud

Maintain trust in your platform by acting on every fraud signal
in real-time

Keep growing

Get high conversion rates worldwide with customizable verification designed to be seamless for users

Expand globally faster

Conquer any new market confidently. Easily verify 14,000+ document types worldwide, onboard document-free in select countries, and get expert compliance help on-demand.

See the average pass rate in your target country
France - 96.39%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for France is 96.39%

United Kingdom - 95.86%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for United Kingdom is 95.86%

United States - 91.64%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for United States is 91.64%

Verify in the
blink of an eye

Onboard users worldwide in under 30 seconds with a people-friendly verification flow. Verify in gradual steps and keep things simple with doc-free verification and instant KYC.

verification flows

Create verification flows based on user segment, risk level, and other parameters—code free. Trusted users can onboard faster while risky groups go through extra checks.

Orchestrate <br/>verification flows

Monitor crypto
in real-time

Apply automated crypto transaction monitoring to detect anomalies, fraud attempts, and irregularities in transaction volumes to improve compliance, security, and transparency.

Monitor crypto <br/>in real-time

Comply with
the Travel Rule

Make the Travel Rule play in your favor. Detect VASP-to-VASP payments, enjoy a single communication protocol, and automate data transfers, reporting, and transaction screening.

Comply with <br/>the Travel Rule

Secure every step of the customer journey

Place verification checks where and when you need them most for top conversion rates and security, code-free.

Onboarding Orchestration

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  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Phone Risk Assessment
  • Device Intelligence


  • ID Verification
  • Liveness and Face match
  • Address Verification
  • Live Agent Video Call
  • Doc-free Verification
  • Public Digital Identity Systems
  • QES/eIDAS (coming soon)
  • NFC
  • Known Face Search
  • Blocklist Check
  • Duplicate Check


  • PEP + Sanctions
  • Adverse Media

Ongoing Monitoring


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • MFA


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • Ongoing AML Monitoring


  • Travel Rule
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Crypto Check
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection

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With Sumsub, we’ve managed to reduce user fraud to practically zero. Since we began using Sumsub, fraud is just one less thing we’ve had to worry about.

Amram Adar

Co-Founder and CEO at Oobit

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  • What is crypto verification?

    Crypto verification, also referred to as crypto identity verification, is used by blockchain networks and cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure the authenticity of transactions. It involves checking the validity of a transaction by examining the cryptographic signatures associated with it. Without these checks, double-spending, fraud, and other malicious activities occur. It is also one of the main aspects of crypto onboarding for new users, as personal details may be verified to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • How does cryptocurrency verify identity?

    Cryptocurrency verification platforms check identity through the Know Your Customer process (KYC). This process requires users to provide certain personal information, like proof of identification or a residential address. Cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms that utilize KYC often employ crypto KYC providers to ensure a secure identification process. Providers like Sumsub offer advanced crypto AML/KYC frameworks that cross-check user-provided information against global databases to detect any potential risks.

  • How long does crypto verification take?

    The length of the crypto verification process can vary depending on the platform and the specifics of the verification flow. The onboarding process involves checking the validity of a transaction, which is almost instantaneous due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. However, for KYC verifications, it could take anywhere from a minute to several days—if done manually. This depends on the volume of requests the platform is handling at a given time, the completeness of the information provided by the user, and the effectiveness of the crypto check procedures in place

  • What is the KYC platform for crypto?

    The KYC platform for crypto is any service that assists cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain companies, or other related entities in conducting user verification. These platforms provide crypto AML/KYC solutions to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. They enable these companies to verify the identities of their users and minimize the risk of fraud and money laundering. The choice of a platform often relies on processing speed, accuracy of the solution, and customization options.