Compliance as a service solution tailored to the trading industry

Onboard more trade-ready customers, prevent unfair chargebacks, and provide for regulatory compliance in 220+ countries.


"Sumsub’s specific competence in this area complement our existing compliance routines very well. They have been able to customize KYC document screening to fit our specific flows and needs. With Sumsub we slashed compliance costs in half"

Maria Fedorova, COO

Get more trade-ready leads

Reduce KYC/AML & fraud check to 60 seconds and a couple of clicks, and grow deposits by letting sales focus only on motivated leads.


Drive down costs

We helped our customers cut compliance costs up to 6x. Let’s see how it will work for you!


Find your zen

Give your compliance team a proactive toolkit and guidance to cover your AML program and all the FCA, CySEC and FATF requirements.

What makes our compliance
for trading different

Full-service compliance

It’s all AI-based and flexible for your needs:


KYC/AML challenges​

Keep your money and reputation safe with a wide variety of checks, from identity checks, international sanctions and watchlist analysis to in-depth PEP and adverse media screening. Compliant with CySEC, FCA, FATF.

Payment methods verification

Protecting your business from unfair chargebacks is easier than it may seem. Just customize the payment method verification to fit your fraud prevention strategy.

Crypto transaction monitoring

Identify and prevent suspicious cryptocurrency transactions with top cryptocurrency monitoring solutions alongside ready-to-use guidelines and methodology keeping pace with increasing FATF and FinCEN expectations.

Fraud protection

Be proactive with a machine learning algorithm featuring 16,000 signals and behavior scenarios that lets you detect fraudsters and identify trustworthy users.


document types

220+ countries

and territories


of data sources.

Your compliance officers need an effective tool for analysis and reporting

Comprehensive analytics

Analyze, manage, and filter bulk verifications: statuses, approved and declined percentages, reasons for decline and more.

CRM for compliance officers

Review and re-check applications yourself when you need to with a range of tools automating the process.

Policy automation and reports generation

Translate your policy into an automated workflow and generate detailed reports tailored for your due diligence and risk assessment needs.


Flexible Integration to Your Stack

Integrate via webSDK, mobileSDK, or our RESTful API, with over 99.9% uptime

Connect to all your tools