The simplest way to prevent fraud

Safeguard your business from fraud-related risks while helping new customers onboard faster and safer

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The simplest way to prevent fraud

An advanced fraud prevention system
that you control

Prevent any kind of fraud

Curb even the most innovative fraud attacks by ensuring that only verified users can become your customers

Prevent any kind of fraud

Onboard legit users faster

Customize verification flows following a risk-based approach. This way, you onboard legitimate customers faster while leaving fraudsters at the door

Onboard legit users faster

Investigate suspicious cases

Get a full overview of every customer profile and study particular cases thoroughly, all in a single browser tab

Investigate suspicious cases

Protect your customer lifecycle every
step of the way

  • Onboarding stage

    Detect bad actors during sign up by thoroughly verifying personal documents and businesses credentials alike

  • Multiaccounting

    Automatically match new accounts to existing users to prevent promo abuse, affiliate fraud, ban evasion, and more

  • Account theft

    Prevent fraudsters from gaining access to accounts with a quick liveness authentication check that takes less than 4 seconds to complete

  • Payment method fraud

    Pre-screen bank card images for fraud patterns and authenticate users with liveness checks before authorizing transactions

Future-proof your fraud protection

Even though fraudsters are always coming up with new tricks, Sumsub’s tech constantly evolves to handle any new challenge. See what Sumsub’s fraud prevention solution is capable of detecting in our latest fraud report.

Take advantage of cutting-edge verification tech

Get behind the most sophisticated antifraud technology on the market: holistic set of signals, machine learning anti-fraud, neural network with years of training data, analytics, and other tools made to help you stop any kind of fraud.

Learn more about Sumsub technologies

  • Deep image analysis
  • Security features check
  • Behavioral risk score
  • Device fingerprint analysis
  • Liveness detection & Face matching
  • Duplicate search
  • Blocklist search
  • Known face search
  • Fraud pattern analysis

Tailor onboarding flows to balance risk mitigation with customer experience

Make the onboarding process easy for legitimate users while making suspicious users take extra steps. The verification flow can be customized to fit your customer risk profiles, countries, and AML policies‚ÄĒall in a pre-made widget, no coding required.

Tailor onboarding flows to balance risk mitigation with customer experience
Tailor onboarding flows to balance risk mitigation with customer experience

Enhance your decision-making process

Approve trusted users fast

Enable fast-track access for legit users in just a few seconds, while making suspicious users go through more checks

Approve trusted users fast

Reject fraudsters automatically

Immediately block users that raise red flags, such as uploading forged documents or appearing on global watchlists

Reject fraudsters automatically

Manually review corner cases

Properly inspect suspicious or unclear cases and request additional documents in order to make a confident decision

Manually review corner cases

Put suspicious cases under the microscope

Employ a perfect mix of features and integrations for thorough case monitoring and control

  • Real-time view of risks
  • Detailed risk profiles
  • One-click reporting
  • Enhanced investigation toolkit
  • Fraud patterns detection


  • What is fraud detection?

    Fraud detection involves verifying provided information, assets, credit card transactions to detect forgery, fraud, or illegitimate access. Fraud detection is a mandatory compliance procedure for regulated businesses, like banks or financial services. Unregulated businesses employ fraud detection to prevent losses and enhance security.

  • What can management do to prevent fraud?

    Company management can introduce countermeasures such as verification suites to prevent fraudulent activity at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

  • What is a fraud prevention system?

    A fraud prevention solution is often a software suite designed to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Businesses use fraud prevention systems to stop bad actors from gaining access to their business, verify legitimate users quickly, and monitor the entire KYC/AML process in one spot.

  • What software is used for fraud detection?

    Anti-fraud software (like Sumsub) is the go-to solution when it comes to fraud detection. A well-rounded fraud detection software can detect any kind of innovative fraud and help companies verify personal documents and business data in the same place.

  • What is the most common fraud detection method?

    Detection methods constantly evolve, and while peer review is used to work for detecting fraudulent activity, nowadays the most common method involves automatic screening of user documents and credentials using fraud detection software

  • What are fraud management services?

    Fraud management services enable companies to implement fraud prevention measures to stop bad actors from damaging their business.r These services either consult on how this can be done or offer a software platform that performs fraud management automatically.

  • How do you make a fraud detection solution?

    Fraud detection solutions, like any software, require a lot of time, investment, and expertise in order to create in-house or via an agency. A company looking to build one would have to allocate a budget, specify the scope of the project, and find a team of expert developers experienced in verification and fraud detection software. A much easier path would be to delegate fraud detection to a sophisticated third-party solution, which already covers all of the compliance and verification needs a business might have.

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Benjamin Daudignac

Benjamin Daudignac

Co-founder at Bling

Thanks to Sumsub’s solution, we have zero fraud, which is quite rare in the cash advance sector. Since we can fully rely on Sumsub’s KYC process and risk assessment, we can delegate user onboarding to Sumsub and focus on other areas of our business.


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