Marketplaces and Communities

Marketplaces and Communities

Affordable and friendly onboarding to build a fraud-free community
Marketplaces and Communities
Marketplaces and Communities

Sumsub solution helped us not to drown in paperwork, and simplify the end-user onboarding and compliance officer routine. To verify each applicant, it now took around 30 seconds instead of 10 minutes. Document processing time was reduced in half with a successful profile completion 99,5% of the time.

Daniil Petin, COO JobToday Flex

Onboarding & security that fits your business

Make onboarding a breeze

83% of customers say Sumsub is easier to use than their previous onboarding provider.

Get it right

3 out of 4 customers say Sumsub makes fraud protection more reliable.

Find your zen

78% of customers say that Sumsub comprehensive solution takes tedious tasks off their plates.

Get the most robust defense against fraud

But don’t make the trustworthy customers wait.

Marketplaces and Communities

Get rid of scammers posting fake listings or malicious content with our AI technology that catches and deters identity fraudsters.

Convert more users with biometrics and 97% hit rate in less than a minute. Encourage repeat transactions with a friendly interface and straightforward procedure on desktop and mobile.

Grow your business worldwide

Expand your global user base
We support 6500 types of documents from 220+ countries, including rare ones. Don’t get deterred by blurred, glared, crumbled or handwritten IDs.

Save time and money

60% less spend on verification process due to flexible SaaS automation. More free hands for non-routine tasks in your office.

Marketplaces and Communities