KYC/AML service in South Africa

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Stay compliant with South African legislation with a KYC/AML software solution that easily verifies users from all over the world

Stay compliant

Avoid expensive fines and meet KYC/AML requirements no matter your jurisdiction

Steer clear of fraud

Give your business multilayered protection that prevents all types of document fraud.

Welcome more users

Turn KYC into an asset rather than an obstacle. Onboard legit users seamlessly.

Secure every step of the customer journey

Orchestrate identity verification checks, code-free. Place checks at any stage of the customer journey for top anti-fraud protection and pass rates worldwide.

Onboarding Orchestration

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  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Phone Risk Assessment
  • Device Intelligence


  • ID Verification
  • Liveness and Face match
  • Address Verification
  • Live Agent Video Call
  • Doc-free Verification
  • Public Digital Identity Systems
  • QES/eIDAS (coming soon)
  • NFC
  • Known Face Search
  • Blocklist Check
  • Duplicate Check


  • PEP + Sanctions
  • Adverse Media

Ongoing Monitoring


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • MFA


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • Ongoing AML Monitoring


  • Travel Rule
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Crypto Check
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection

Let the numbers do the talking: get 240% ROI

Сompanies that work with Sumsub identity verification software save costs and increase revenue, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform study by Forrester Consulting. Let’s see what results you can get

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Store applicant data securely and locally

Ensure complete compliance with South African regulators by securely storing all applicant data (including inspections, images, and transactions) locally within your chosen region. This seamless user experience provides automatic domain redirection, enabling businesses to expand globally and cut manual processing costs.

Store applicant data securely and locally

Know your customers

Safeguard your business with a verification flow that syncs with your regulator’s requirements. Verify documents and continuously screen users against global sanctions, watchlists, PEPs, and adverse media to ensure full compliance.

Know your customers

Detect and push fraudsters out

Turn bad actors away while keeping the door open for legit users. Validate IDs, perform liveness checks or video interviews, screen a blocklist of 1m+ fraudsters, and uncover potential fraud activity with behavioral risk scores.

Detect and push fraudsters out

Get best possible pass rates

Verification doesn’t have to be complicated. Guide users at every step of the way with 30+ interface languages, automated document screening, instant document pre-checks, and helpful tooltips.

Get best possible pass rates

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.


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Amram Adar
Amram Adar

Co-Founder and CEO at Oobit

We love the fact that Sumsub provides the user with either a verified acceptance or rejection immediately. This saves users’ valuable time and makes the onboarding experience far more convenient and user friendly.


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  • Is there a data protection act in South Africa?

    South Africa has data privacy laws, including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), enacted by the Parliament of South Africa. Sumsub's LDP solution ensures compliance with this regulation and offers secure local data storage, enabling businesses to expand globally while adhering to local regulations.

  • What is the difference between GDPR and POPIA?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emphasizes individual rights and strict data handling in the EU, while the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), applicable in South Africa, includes tailored provisions like cross-border data transfers and breach notifications. The regulations also differ in that GDPR applies to data controllers and data processors who may be public bodies, whereas POPIA only protects living individuals and those who are deceased. Sumsub ensures compliance with both regulations through its identity verification and data protection solutions tailored to each jurisdiction.

  • What is KYC in South Africa?

    KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The KYC requirements in South Africa are set by the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FICA) and Guidance Note 7 on the Implementation of Various Aspects of the FICA. This law is designed to combat money laundering and defines the verification procedures of various groups of customers for different financial services such as First National Bank (FNB ).

  • What is KYC service?

    KYC service is designed to perform identity verification, thus allowing your business (whether it be banks, applications or other companies) to meet compliance requirements and prevent fraud by identifying the person seeking to become your client.

  • How does AML software work?

    KYC is one of the principles that must be followed in order to comply with the AML (anti-money laundering) rules. This involves screening users for suspicious activity that could indicate money laundering activity. AML software is most commonly used in the financial industry, mainly in banking.

  • How much does KYC/AML software cost?

    If you’re wondering how much KYC/AML as a service costs, this depends on each particular KYC service provider and plan. In Sumsub’s case, you can start with as little as $1.42 per verification. See what fits you best!

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