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Learn how our customers solve their compliance and onboarding challenges with Sumsub

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Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say

Daria Dubinina

We met Jacob Sever at a fintech conference in the Netherlands. We exchanged a few ideas and our team had a chance to get a taste of Sumsub’s expertise. In the end, we were satisfied with the quality of communication and saw potential for further collaboration.

Théo Rougon

Since the very beginning, we knew that if we wanted to instantly provide money, we needed KYC software that can do the risk assessment and onboard customers really quickly, even if we need to onboard a big number of users.

Luis Vaello

There were many options to choose from, but after in-depth research of the market, we saw that Sumsub was better than most of its competitors. They support verification in most countries, process data according to GDPR, and have a lot of experience working with cases such as ours.

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