Identity verification solution for gaming & betting

Full-Cycle Verification
and Player Risk Profiling

Boost your revenue by swiftly onboarding age-verified players, preventing bonus abuse and staying compliant in any jurisdiction.

Accelerate player onboarding in full compliance

Welcome players globally

Onboard new players from over 220 countries and territories in full compliance — all in less than 30 seconds. If you're operating in select markets, you can skip ID scans altogether with Non-Doc Verification, where all that’s needed is an ID number, bank app, or gov. app.

Verify address just as fast

Even the most complex proof-of-address documents can be verified in under a minute. Process any type of document regardless of the language and script, including Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Hieroglyph, and Thai. Confirm location instantly with precise geolocation checks.

Onboard age-verified gamers

Let in age-verified players globally without any barriers, reducing time-to-value to practically zero. Verify age by extracting the date of birth from the document or opt for Non-Doc age estimation based on an instant Liveness scan.

Let the numbers
do the talking

Platforms and operators that work with Sumsub save costs and get 240% ROI on average, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform" study by Forrester Consulting.

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Deter all gaming-specific fraud in real time

Bonus abuse

Secure deposits and sign-ups with Sumsub’s AI-powered pattern recognition, which automatically spots fraud signals related to bonus or promo abuse. Catch users exploiting loopholes and prevent potential losses.

Coming soon

Affiliate fraud

Don’t lose money on irrelevant or fraudulent traffic. Identify non-genuine players who have no intention of playing with specific rule sets working in real time. No more marketing budget depletion.

Account takeovers

Safeguard accounts with Liveness checks, 2-factor authentication, plus phone & email checks to give your players peace of mind about their funds at all times.

Spot risky player behavior early on

Streamline your team's decision-making with dynamic scores that flag suspicious behavior through play and spend patterns. Get started quickly with pre-made templates or customize the profiling engine using pre-made rules to catch at-risk behavior fast—all within a single tab.

Ensure Responsible Gaming compliance

Act on at-risk players early to meet Responsible Gaming guidelines.
Identify vulnerable players by setting up red flags.

  • Average deposit increase
  • Limits removal
  • Gaming during working hours
  • Adherence to self-exclusion
  • Loss chasing
  • Deposit higher than salary

Easily integrate your
tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.

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  • What is KYC compliance in gaming industry?

    KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance in gaming involves a set of verification processes that include player ID verification for gaming, as well as age checks. These procedures ensure that an online casino meets legal and regulatory requirements. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in fines and license revocation.

  • What is the KYC policy for online casinos?

    The KYC policy for online casinos typically requires online casino verification of new players. This includes age and identity verification solutions for online gaming to make sure that players are of age and eligible to play.

  • Is online gaming a risk for AML?

    Yes, online gaming poses a risk for Anti-Money Laundering. That's why casino AML compliance software is essential to monitor transactions and prevent illegal activities.

  • What are the risks of fraud in the gaming industry?

    The gaming industry faces various risks, including identity theft and payment fraud. Gaming fraud prevention solutions like Sumsub must be in place to mitigate these risks and protect both players and operators.

  • What is age verification for gaming?

    Age verification is an essential component of responsible gaming, designed to prevent underage individuals from participating in gaming activities for which they are not legally eligible. This process is a critical aspect of compliance requiring age verification for access to gaming platforms.