Travel Rule

Become Travel Rule
compliant in just one hour

Automate data transfers with counterparties and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements worldwide

Comply with Travel Rule

Navigate global regulations, avoid penalties, and maintain trust with regulators. Sumsub covers the nuances of regulations worldwide, including FCA, FinCEN, and other regulatory bodies.

Cover every counterparty

Delegate counterparty identification and outreach to us and enjoy efficient data transfers. Our network covers key financial centers that span continents.

Integrate easily

It takes just one hour to integrate Sumsub. Thanks to our no-code solution, you can confidently scale your business without any delays or technical issues o integrate the platform.

Who’s affected by the Travel rule?

FATF Recommendation #16 mandates VASPs and financial firms to share the personal data of those engaging in virtual asset transfers to curb money laundering.

Make informed decisions and report with ease

Perfect your decision-making process

  • Effortlessly review all transaction details to respond effectively on the spot
  • Send and receive information within the platform, sharing details with counterparties or regulatory authorities
  • Request missing data from counterparties to ensure that every transaction is fully covered and compliant
Perfect your decision-making process

Manage risks with automated rules

  • Scale fast by creating rules that align with your risk tolerance, code-free
  • Automate transaction screening processes and save time and effort while staying fully compliant
Manage risks with automated rules

Simplify audits

  • Whether dealing with a VASP or an unhosted wallet, get a verifiable trail of information on each transaction
  • Perform compliance audits with ease by accessing readily available data
  • Verify the legitimacy of every transaction regardless of counterparty type
Simplify audits

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How our Travel Rule solution works

Your own cutting-edge Travel Rule tech

High interoperability

Full interoperability across current and future protocols. Exchange and connect information within a secure environment without worrying about changing regulations.

Scalable AML checks

Get instantly notified about users designated as politically exposed persons (PEPs) and individuals listed in various sanctions and watchlists worldwide.

VASP Due diligence

Sumsub conducts thorough VASP Due Diligence on behalf of our clients, building trust in counterparty sanctions screening.

Tailored compliance

Automate decisions to meet all regulatory requirements. Our flexible Rules Engine will help you build custom rules and library updates.

Full coverage

The solution integrates with all existing or synthetic tokens. Navigate the diverse blockchain landscape without restrictions.

Excellence in blockchain analytics

Sumsub excels in VASP discovery thanks to partnerships with multiple blockchain analytics companies, attributing wallets with precision.

Secure every type of transaction or event

Secure every type of transaction or event

  • Travel Rule information coming from another source
  • Non-Travel Rule eligible wallet transactions
  • Unhosted wallet verification* (*in Q1 2024)
  • Custodian wallet provider VASP functionality
  • Outbound transactions
  • Inbound transactions

Get a free tool to comply with the Travel Rule

Enjoy free Crypto Travel Rule transfers with over 500 VASPs in the Sumsub client ecosystem for a full 6 months—sending and receiving included


  • What is a Travel Rule solution?

    A Travel Rule solution is a platform that automates data transfers required by FATF Recommendation #16. This includes obtaining, holding, and transmitting required originator and beneficiary information in virtual asset transfers. Specialized Travel Rule solutions allow virtual asset service providers (VASPs) and financial institutions to stay compliant and prevent money-laundering, terrorist financing, and other fraud activity

  • Who does the crypto Travel Rule apply to?

    The Crypto Travel Rule applies to virtual asset service providers (VASPs) and financial institutions involved in virtual assets (VA) transfers. According to the FATF, a company is considered a VASP if it provides the following services: exchange between virtual assets and fiat currencies, exchange between one or more forms of virtual assets, transfer of virtual assets, and more.

  • What are the Travel Rule requirements?

    The main Travel Rule requirements include the need for VASPs and financial institutions to obtain, hold, and transmit required originator and beneficiary information, immediately and securely, when conducting VA (Virtual Asset) transfers.