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Our mission

At Sumsub, we believe in a safe, accessible, and inclusive digital future for users and businesses alike. By eliminating fraud and verification hurdles, we aim to create a world where anyone—regardless of age, location, or computing skills—can securely access and use any service.

The Power
of One

To achieve this, we are developing a single, secure verification platform that is efficient, compliant, and free of country-specific barriers

One platform

We’ve gathered all the verification, compliance, and case management tools you need in one place. This means there’s no need to opt for multiple solutions. Sumsub keeps ahead of the evolving compliance and fraud landscape, so you don’t have to.

One Journey

Verification doesn’t stop at onboarding. We secure every step of the customer journey, from initial screening to high-risk transactions at a later stage. This way, verification is continuous, and account takeovers or sudden suspicious activity are not a danger anymore.

One World

Sumsub is well-traveled. We recognize any document type, language, and script. Our clients reach global markets and onboard users worldwide regardless of location, jurisdiction, or language.



Sumsub started out as graphic editor-detecting technology in 2015. That was the foundation for a powerful KYC/AML solution renowned for its anti-fraud capabilities.


Sumsub is one verification platform that helps businesses monitor fraud worldwide and at every step of the customer journey. In a single flow, our clients verify users, businesses, and transactions, as well as manage cases and customize flows.


Sumsub will continue to break boundaries in the digital world and keep centralizing every aspect of verification in one platform, ensuring that businesses can handle any emerging threat, verification task, or compliance challenge.

Industry-approved technology built on trust

A quartet of visionaries driven by a common goal: building a people-friendly digital future for everyone, anywhere

Andrew Sever

Andrew leads Sumsub’s operations and global expansion. He strives to make Sumsub a single hub for any verification or compliance task. Andrew oversees every department at Sumsub to ensure they move towards their goals, stay engaged, and unite under a shared vision.
Before founding Sumsub, Andrew worked as a C-suite manager at top IT companies. He holds a degree in theoretical physics.

Andrew Sever

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Sever

Jacob’s extensive expertise in product design, animation, and computer graphics grants him a profound understanding of digital image manipulation and innovative solutions to combat such fraud.
In his role, Jacob leads transformative initiatives, aligning business strategy with forward-thinking approaches to drive innovation.

Jacob Sever

Co-founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Peter Sever

Peter focuses on helping Sumsub meet market demand and maintain stable growth by carefully planning new product features and functionality. With Peter as CSO, Sumsub’s customers can count on their voices being heard and product features that meet their particular needs.
Peter works closely with his brother, Jacob Sever, to encourage data-driven insights in the product growth and development process.

Peter Sever

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Vyacheslav Zholudev

Vyacheslav brings unparalleled technical and entrepreneurial acumen to help Sumsub’s development team reach complex goals effectively. His efforts are the reason why Sumsub has 99.996% uptime.
Vyacheslav holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Jacobs University (Germany), with experience working as a solution architect at ResearchGate.

Vyacheslav Zholudev

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

Advisory Board

The superheroes of regulatory compliance and risk governance. With their guidance, we continue to build top-notch products, ensure the long-term success of Sumsub’s clients, and scale worldwide.

Graham Barrow

An unparalleled expert in AML and financial crime prevention. His sought-after knowledge helped many enterprise companies and institutions around the world hone their risk management and compliance workflows to perfection.

Graham Barrow

Director at The Dark Money Files Ltd and Risk Alert 247 Ltd

Soroush Kafiabadi

Soroush is one of the leaders behind Kroll, a titan of the financial investigation and compliance industry. His insights help gambling, crypto, and insurance companies improve their AML infrastructure and workflows.

Soroush Kafiabadi

Senior Vice President at Duff & Phelps

Yiannos Ashiotis

Experienced GRC expert specializing in EU regulatory requirements (MiFID II, AIFMD, UCITS, AML, CRD, etc.) and financial services operations. Yiannos helps Sumsub tackle ever-evolving landscapes of fintech and crypto industries.

Yiannos Ashiotis

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Expert (CPA, CAMS, CFSA, ACSI)


Sumsub is powered by a tight-knit team of professionals from all corners of the world. And their

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