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Get more users globally
with scalable user verification

Onboard trusted users from any country in under 30 seconds. Our platform offers customizable KYC/AML flows to ensure top pass rates and adherence to compliance standards.

Capitalize on secure user verification

Offer your clients the best user onboarding available on the market, in any language without compromising on security.

Maintain full

Stay compliant anywhere. Flexible user verification, PoA checks, AML screening, and custom questionnaires.

Steer clear
of all fraud

Get multilayered protection to prevent all types of synthetic fraud, identity theft, and document forgery.

Get more global

Establish seamless onboarding and verify users worldwide in under 50 seconds—with top pass rates.

Stay compliant while reaching 90%+ pass rates

Meet all regulatory requirements without complicating onboarding for users.

Stop losing money to fraud with AI-driven protection

Automatically detect red flags and fraud patterns throughout the whole user journey.

Easily scale to 220+ countries and territories

Verify users in seconds using the optimal verification method for each case.

Full-cycle verification that’s
configurable to your needs

ID verification

Verify users from any country with 14,000+ ID types supported. Our OCR extracts Cyrillic, Hindi, Hieroglyphs, Arabic, and other scripts. Minimize drop-offs and save money with a user-friendly flow that automatically captures quality IDs and rejects unsuitable ones.

Database validation

Secure your business with authentic user data from trusted governmental and commercial sources across 50+ countries.

Database validation

Biometric verification

Ensure that only trusted users can access your platform. Upgrade from selfie checks to AI-driven Liveness and Face Match technology to eliminate fake identities and deepfakes.

Address verification

Reduce address processing time to less than 1 min, regardless of the language or PoA document. You can also verify user addresses with databases and geolocation.

Non-doc verification

Verify and onboard users in 4.5 seconds on average without requesting documents. Cross-check identity data using trusted databases in 10+ countries, all while staying compliant.

AML screening

Detect high-risk users by screening and monitoring them against global watchlists for sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media. All this is done automatically with our AI-powered solution.


Use Sumsub questionnaires to collect additional applicant details for pre-KYC checks or other stages. This helps you tailor your risk management system based on user responses.

Join 2500+ businesses that trust Sumsub

Finding the right balance between compliance, fraud protection, and a user-friendly approach isn’t easy. At Sumsub, our expertise allows us to find the sweet spot that helps over 2000 of our clients get top pass rates without having to give up security.

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Trusted by 2500+ clients/businesses

Make verification your advantage

Get highest pass rates wherever you go

Offer the best verification journey for every user, with easy communication in over 40+ interface languages. Verify IDs anywhere or use Non-Doc Verification in selected countries to increase pass rates by 35% on average.

See the average pass rate in your target country
France - 96.39%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for France is 96.39%

United Kingdom - 95.86%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for United Kingdom is 95.86%

United States - 91.64%

Sumsub’s average pass rate for United States is 91.64%

Set up verification logic with no code

Build unique verification flows with fully automated decision-making processes. Onboard legit users faster while adding more verification steps for risky cases.

Prevent the most advanced identity fraud

Get best-in-class technology to detect document templates, behavioral red flags, and fraud networks. With over 1 billion verified users, our anti-fraud engine blocks nearly 100% of all fraud attempts.

Up your verification game from just 1$ per user

Use a single verification platform to address all your needs. Get a perfect mix of high pass rates, fraud protection, and global compliance.

What our customers
say about us

Before using Sumsub, false positives were a constant issue, and our pass rate was down to 40%. With Sumsub’s features, we jumped up to 92% pass rates.

Liisa Proode

Product Owner at Yolo Group

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  • What is KYC compliance?

    KYC compliance is a set of measures that regulated entities need to perform to meet AML requirements. These may include certain procedures for identifying and verifying personal information, such as names, addresses, passports or ID cards, and more. These requirements help ensure that financial institutions and other businesses are facilitating criminal activity. To ensure KYC compliance, companies often use specialized KYC solutions or KYC-as-a-service providers that enable them to automate the process of customer verification.

  • What is a KYC (Know Your Customer) software?

    A KYC (Know Your Customer) software is a tool used by businesses to verify the identity of their clients, assess risks related to money laundering and fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations. While KYC solutions serve a broad range of businesses,they can also provide sector-specific services. For instance, KYC software for banks emphasizes meeting the sector's distinct regulatory demands and compliance criteria.

  • How do KYC solutions work?

    KYC solutions employ various automated and manual verification checks used to validate user identity. These checks include ID verification, proof of address checks, watchlist screening, and more. On top of that, advanced vendors like Sumsub also offer extra products such as workflow customization, reporting, dashboards, collaboration tools, and many other optimization measures useful for a compliance team.

  • How do I choose a KYC service?

    When selecting a KYC service, consider opting for an automated KYC solution. Look for features such as streamlined customer onboarding, efficient identity verification processes, robust compliance checks, and seamless integration capabilities with your existing systems. Assess the scalability, customization options, and regulatory compliance of the service to ensure it aligns with your institution's needs and requirements.

  • What are the best KYC providers?

    The “best” solution to pick depends greatly on the requirements of your business. A proper KYC/AML service offers a range of automated verification and authentication checks, integration options, and high pass rates globally. When choosing, evaluate the onboarding experience, verification accuracy, and compliance standards.

  • How much does KYC cost?

    KYC (“know your customer” solutions) costs depend on each particular KYC software and plan. Pricing depends on multiple factors, including verification checks, extra features like questionnaires, the level of support, and more. In Sumsub’s case, you can start with as little as $1 per verification. See what fits you best!