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Stay compliant

Avoid expensive fines and meet KYC/AML requirements no matter your jurisdiction

Steer clear of fraud

Give your business multilayered protection that prevents all types of document fraud.

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Turn KYC into an asset rather than an obstacle. Onboard legit users seamlessly.

Know who your customers are

Safeguard your business with a verification flow that syncs with your regulator’s requirements. Verify documents, get proof of address, and perform ongoing user screening against global watchlists, PEP, sanction, adverse media lists to ensure full compliance.

Detect and push fraudsters out

Turn bad actors away while keeping the door open for legit users. Validate IDs, perform liveness checks, and uncover potential fraud activity with behavioral risk scores.

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Get excellent pass rates

Verification doesn’t have to be complicated. Guide users at every step of the way with 30+ interface languages, automated document screening, instant document pre-checks, and helpful tooltips.

Scale your business anywhere in the world

Get high pass rates anywhere in the world, with the power to process over 6500 kinds of documents issued in 220+ countries and territories. This includes the rarest IDs out there.

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Automate verification steps to fit your AML policy

Build verification flows according to user risk profiles, automatically run extra checks based on applicant actions, and set up triggers for manual case review. All without writing a single line of code.


Keep track of all the important data

Scale your business with clear insights on your KYC/AML verification flow. Track and manage active cases, perform ongoing AML monitoring, get updates on any changes, and monitor performance bottlenecks—all in one place.

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Keep track of all the important data

Verify once, onboard instantly

Let users skip the queue if they’ve already been verified by a partner. All it takes is a liveness check that takes less than 4 seconds on average—no need to go through the whole KYC flow again.

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Delegate compliance with confidence

You can rely on Sumsub as the first regulated Compliance-as-a-Service provider to make sure you’re adhering to all regulations. Sumsub has a team of legal experts ready to consult on a variety of regulation topics and issues.

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Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.


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  • Can KYC be outsourced?

    Yes, you can outsource your entire KYC/AML service process to third-party applications or vendors which will aid you in performing user verification and meeting compliance requirements.

  • What is a KYC solution?

    KYC stands for Know Your Customer. A KYC solution is designed to perform identity verification on a variety of levels (like ID verification), thus allowing your business to meet compliance requirements and prevent fraud by identifying the person seeking to become your client.

  • How does AML software work?

    AML is usually a part of a KYC platform. With its help, you can screen users for suspicious activity that could indicate money laundering activity. AML software is most commonly used in financial institutions, like banks.

  • What are the features of AML software?

    Anti-money laundering (AML) software features customer data analysis, global AML lists screening, and provides help with reporting necessary for your company’s compliance officer.

  • How much does KYC/AML software cost?

    If you’re wondering how much does KYC cost, that would depend on each particular KYC service provider and plan. In Sumsub’s case, you can start with as little as $1.42 per verification. See what fits you best!