Email & Phone Risk Assessment

Reduce fraud with Email and Phone Risk Assessment

Instantly uncover digital footprints. Share an email or phone number to detect fraud patterns with comprehensive data extraction.

Proactive Pre-KYC Risk Assessment

Save costs by identifying potential fraudsters early on through pre-KYC risk assessment.

Minimize Fraud

Minimize fraud with customizable risk assessment tailored to your risk appetite.

Data-Driven Insights

Enhance your in-house models with comprehensive data to strengthen fraud detection.

Honest users in, fraudsters out

Leverage Email and Phone Risk Assessment to pre-screen applicants with Risk Labels for proactive decision-making across diverse cases.

Pay only for genuine users

Swiftly obtain essential applicant information, enhance decision-making accuracy, and prevent fraud while saving on pre-screening costs and conserving IDV resources.

Pay only for genuine users

Customizable Risk Assessment for your risk appetite

Customize Risk Labels per applicant, based on factors like validity, activity, virtual number forwarding, disposability, suspiciousness, deliverability, and blocklisted emails.

Customizable Risk Assessment for your risk appetite

No-hassle turnkey integration with our Workflow Builder

Seamlessly verify phone numbers and emails with Sumsub's no-code setup. Manage applicants with ease through our Workflow Builder and its thorough data verification and detailed reports.

No-hassle turnkey integration with our Workflow Builder

Let the numbers do the talking: get 240% ROI

Сompanies that work with Sumsub identity verification software save costs and increase revenue, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform study by Forrester Consulting. Let’s see what results you can get

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Secure every step of the customer journey

Orchestrate identity verification checks, code-free. Place checks at any stage of the customer journey for top anti-fraud protection and pass rates worldwide.

Onboarding Orchestration

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  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Phone Risk Assessment
  • Device Intelligence


  • ID Verification
  • Liveness and Face match
  • Address Verification
  • Live Agent Video Call
  • Doc-free Verification
  • Public Digital Identity Systems
  • NFC
  • Known Face Search
  • Blocklist Check
  • Duplicate Check


  • PEP + Sanctions
  • Adverse Media

Ongoing Monitoring


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • MFA


  • Device Intelligence
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection
  • Face Authentication
  • Ongoing AML Monitoring


  • AML Transaction Monitoring
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Travel Rule
  • Fraud Transaction Monitoring
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API. Alternatively, you can use Unilink to onboard users via a QR code or a link to the verification form without integrating Sumsub at all. Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.


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Daria Dubinina
Daria Dubinina

CEO & Co-founder at Crassula

We were very happy from the start. The integration went quickly and effortlessly. Then, we saw how good the support was. If there was a request for, let’s say, ‘stronger security measures’, Sumsub was quick to take care of that. It showed us very effective communication.

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  • What is Email Risk Assessment?

    Email Risk Assessment is the process of evaluating an email address to determine its legitimacy and potential for fraud.

  • What is Phone Risk Assessment?

    Phone Risk Assessment involves analyzing phone numbers to assess their authenticity and potential for fraudulent activity.

  • What does a high-risk phone number and email mean?

    A high-risk phone number or email indicates a higher likelihood of fraudulent behavior or suspicious activity, requiring further scrutiny and precautions to prevent potential fraud.