Multiple Accounts Prevention

End multi-accounting to
prevent revenue loss

Stop bonus abuse, affiliate fraud, and other malicious activity involving multiple accounts. Use an AI-driven solution that detects and responds to suspicious signals automatically

Get more trusted customers

Stop fraud while ensuring a seamless experience for honest users

Prevent potential losses

Detect 95% of multi-accounts early on, avoiding monetary losses

Avoid marketing budget misuse

Detect users exploiting your bonus system and stop irrelevant traffic

Prevent multi-accounting at every step

Sumsub uncovers connected accounts by examining similarities in identity document templates and shared IP addresses, analyzing user behavior, transactions, and session data

Ultimate multi-accounting prevention at every stepUltimate multi-accounting prevention at every step

Detect fraud in real-time with in-depth
pattern and network analysis

Automate registration insights

Automatically verify registration step times and overall duration, ensuring data accuracy throughout.

Automate registration insights

Combat bot intrusions

Detect bots and scripts during form submission and application interaction, guaranteeing a genuine user experience.

Combat bot intrusions

Track user data shifts over time

Get alerts for any discrepancies between the initial user info and their ongoing activity. As a plus, ensure that newly added payment methods are not stolen or belong to someone else.

Track user data shifts over time

Transaction integrity assurance

Verify transaction details like amounts, currencies, and frequencies over set time periods, ensuring every transaction is legitimate and secure.

Transaction integrity assurance

Real-time response

With our real-time action capability, swiftly address any anomalies, providing ongoing protection and peace of mind.

Real-time response

Stop multi-accounting in any industry


Eliminate bonus/promo abuse, affiliate fraud and restrict arbitrage betting at your platform.


Avoid repeat use of sign-up bonuses, referrals, and vouchers from multiple accounts.


Stop scammers who attempt to take loans and exploit promotional offers.


Protect against money laundering techniques, phishing attacks, and “pump and dump” scams.


Get rid of reputation-harming fake reviews and false bookings.

Online media & dating

Safeguard your community by stopping spammers and scammers.

Peer-to-peer services

Stop fraudsters from selling fakes or asking for prepayment and disappearing.

The power of one platform

The first genuine fraud management solution, fortified by our leading KYC engine

As pioneers in the identity verification market, we have verified over 1 billion users and enriched our system with unique fraud pattern data. Our daily analysis of over 5,000 fraud samples continuously enhances our detection technologies, ensuring we block nearly 100% of fraudulent attempts.

  • 1B+

    identities enriched our fraud prevention system

  • 5K+

    fraud samples analyzed daily

  • 2M+

    known fraudsters in our unique database

Need the Ideal Solution?

Choose G2's Top Pick

Optimize your fraud detection and response strategy, where cost reduction is achieved effortlessly. Avoid internal development expenses with easy configuration and pre-designed anti-fraud rules.

  • 70

    Net Promoter Score

  • 95%

    Ease of use

  • 91%

    Ease of setup

* According to G2 2024 Identity Verification Winter Report