Biometric identity verification system

Advanced biometrics:
Your shield against
identity fraud

Ensure only trusted users can access your platform. Upgrade from selfie checks to AI-driven facial recognition technology, eliminating fake identities and deepfakes

Biometric checks that take seconds

Pick the option that meets your needs and regulatory requirements.

Liveness & Face Match

Confirm that the true owner of a document is present with a user-friendly Liveness check. Face Match adds an additional layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks.

Video Fragment

Comply with jurisdictions that require a short video for verification. Our biometric identity verification system asks the user to say a random phrase to determine if they are who they say they are.

See how biometrics can benefit your business

Easier and safer for users, more cost effective for you. Talk to our experts about enhanced protection with effortless biometric checks, and how to improve your ‘Total Economic Impact’ with Sumsub’s Verification Platform.

Customize how you use facial biometrics

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Strengthen login security to prevent unauthorized access and fraud.

Multi-accounting detection

Confirm that each new user maintains a single, legitimate account.

User action

Ensure that the true user initiates transactions and other key steps.

Promo abuse

Stop the same person from signing up for a promotion multiple times.


Determine the user’s age based on their unique facial features.

Level up your verification

Onboard anyone with the highest pass rates

Onboard users fast, regardless of their location, nationality, or internet connection quality. Sumsub also works with users that have glasses, beards, and makeup, in addition to compatibility with any smartphone or video camera.

Get advanced security

Sumsub is compliant with iBeta—the most advanced biometrics testing method out there. This means our biometric verification technology is fully protected from reverse engineering, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks. We regularly perform penetration tests to ensure airtight security.

Full security & compliance

When it comes to the highest security standards, you can rely on Sumsub. We are committed to protecting privacy

We take compliance and security seriously

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Amram Adar
Amram Adar

Co-Founder and CEO at Oobit

We love the fact that Sumsub provides the user with either a verified acceptance or rejection immediately. This saves users’ valuable time and makes the onboarding experience far more convenient and user friendly.

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  • What is biometric identity verification?

    Biometric identity verification is the process of confirming an individual's identity by analyzing and verifying their unique facial features. Companies use facial biometric verification solutions to ensure their users are genuine during verification, password changes, money withdrawals, and more. Biometric verification is a reliable way of protecting against identity fraud. There are two main types of biometric verification: active and passive. Passive biometric verification happens in the background without user participation, while active verification requires user involvement.

  • What is the difference between verification and identification in biometrics?

    Verification in biometrics confirms if a person is who they claim to be by comparing their biometric data to a stored template. Identification in biometrics involves searching a database to find a potential match for a person's biometric data to determine their identity. However, these terms are often used interchangeably.

  • What is the selfie ID verification method?

    The selfie ID verification uses a selfie as a means of verifying a person's identity. Selfie identity verification typically involves capturing a selfie and comparing it to a reference photo or document, such as a government-issued ID, to ensure that the person in the selfie matches the identity they claim to have. Nowadays, the selfie method is gradually being replaced by biometric liveness checks for higher security and a more friendly user experience.

  • How does a biometric verification system work?

    Biometric identity verification system uses unique facial features to authenticate an individual's identity. It involves comparing biometric data provided by the individual with stored data to determine a match. If the biometric data matches within an acceptable threshold, the system verifies the person's identity. This process is sometimes named as biometric KYC and provides a secure and efficient way to confirm someone's identity without relying on traditional identification methods.