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Make video identification less annoying

Set up compliant and easy-to-navigate interviews that turn more applicants into paying customers.

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Make video identification less annoying

Сomply with your regulations

Regulations are constantly shifting worldwide, leaving you open to severe penalties at a moment’s notice. With Sumsub, you’ll stay on top of all the rules, no matter where you work.

  • Full compliance with your jurisdictions
  • Ready-made, AML-compliant video interview scripts on hand
  • All data kept for 5+ years in accordance with keeping records requirements
Сomply with your regulations

Keep conversions high

Quick and easy video interviews designed to nail fraudsters and onboard honest users in just 3-5 minutes

  • Available 24/7/365 – users can start the interview no matter their country and time zone
  • Customization to preserve your brand’s look & feel
  • Support for almost every device
Keep conversions high
Two ways to use video identificationTwo ways to use video identification

Two ways to use video identification

Our platform. Your operators
Our platform. Your operators

With Sumsub, you get full access to a powerful Video Identification Platform. We’ll be there to provide any assistance necessary, including scripts, best practices for interviews, and other helpful tips

  • Proven interview methods that take just 3-5 minutes to complete
  • Wide range of additional KYC checks within the Sumsub ecosystem
  • Optional video verification steps: email/phone verification and questionnaires
  • Instant access to any data stored securely on the platform
Our platform. Your operators
Sumsub in-house team
Delegate it all to Sumsub

Our in-house team is trained to meet your specific CDD requirements and detect fraud patterns. We work 24/7 and conduct interviews in English and German, with other languages available by request

Delegate it all to Sumsub
What is Sumsub video identification?What is Sumsub video identification?

What is Sumsub video identification?

Interview platform

Compliant and easy-to-navigate interviews. Use Sumsub's agents or your own

Document check

Captures documents during the interview and automatically verifies them against a range of fraud signals

Pre-built processes and reporting

Policies, interview scripts, operators, and comprehensive reports – all in compliance with your jurisdiction

How the interview process works

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Choose where and when to use video identification

With Sumsub, you control which applicants get video-verified according to their risk profile or transaction volumes. Otherwise, you can stick to standard KYC.

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Personalized customer servicePersonalized customer service

Personalized customer service

Technical support

24/7 support for integration, maintenance, and any other issues

Legal support

Professional advice on building compliant user verification flows

Customer success

Your own manager at Sumsub, tasked with helping you achieve your business goals and metrics

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  • What is video KYC?

    Video KYC is a real-time, online customer verification method using video tools. To get to know their customers, companies record the onboarding process or conduct operator-assisted video chats. Since video KYC procedures require a lot of resources, companies often use video KYC vendors to make verification faster and effortless. Video KYC is often used for regulated companies in the financial sector, including banks.

  • What are the benefits of video KYC?

    Video KYC allows you to conduct a face-to-face customer verification process online. This helps precisely determine whether a user is alive, acting on their own will, and providing documents that actually belong to them. The video recordings are stored for future reference, so you can access them and recheck a user at any time. Often times, video KYC solution providers perform automated document verification right during the interview process that significantly reduces fraud cases.

  • Is video KYC mandatory?

    Video KYC requirements are written into the AML laws of several jurisdictions. Video identification is already a must in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Estonia. Other jurisdictions, such as the Czech Republic, are also looking to incorporate video verification for certain types of users.