The Full Onboarding Kit for Transportation

Keep your rentals safe, don’t stop growing.

Transportation “Being one of the largest Toyota dealer and sharing service for over 25 years makes it even more important to safeguard our reputation. Giving the vulnerability of car-rental services, we focused on our cars safety by implementing extra sophisticated checks done by Sumsub,”

Grigory Taushkanov, Head of Compliance

Transportation “When we expanded our presence in Prague—the 14h city for Anytime, we started working with Sumsub. It took us by experience, as the identity verification solution already had over 400 cases, with carsharings being a quarter of them,”

Stanislav Groshov, CEO


Onboarding & security
that suits your business


Make onboarding a breeze

83% of our customers say that Sumsub is easier to use than their previous onboarding provider.


Get it right

3 out of 4 of our customers say that Sumsub makes fraud protection more reliable.


Find your zen

78% of our customers say that Sumsub’s comprehensive solution makes life easier by taking on tedious tasks.


Stay friendly while preventing damage and theft

Strong protection against scammers
Whatever you rent out, cars, scooters or RVs, you don’t want them to be damaged or stolen. With Sumsub, you always know the true identity of your leaseholder.

Ease path for the honest

Drive customer loyalty with an effortless user experience. Save your users time with a fail-proof 60-second biometric check, right before pick up.

Scale globally

Scale when you need it

A unique combination of AI intelligence and human expertise lets you verify users with no queues at any time of day or night.  

No borders, no limits
Onboard users from 220+ countries without increasing operational costs. 6,500+ types of documents supported!

Customize. Verify. Secure.

Document verification, biometric check-ins and anything else that you may need to protect your property and your business. Transportation

Once you set the verification rules, all the data will be withdrawn from the documents and checked automatically without any further action needed from you or the user. 


Check your users on desktops, mobiles, or both! Sumsub supports 100% of commonly used browsers, operating systems and devices. Transportation

Talk to our transportation experts

about your case and we’ll offer you an effective customized solution.

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