Let only trusted drivers
behind the wheel

Deter fraudsters from onboarding to your carsharing service without compromising pass rates. Check IDs, driver licenses, and liveness seamlessly to safeguard your fleet and customers.

Stop all fraud

Put your fraud protection in cruise control. No more account takeovers, black markets, or inventory damage.

Boost conversion rates

Verify rapidly with customizable flows. Check IDs, driver licenses, and liveness—all under a minute.

Maintain impeccable trust

Keep a spotless reputation by ensuring both your clients and car fleet are safe from fraudsters.

Hello, trusted drivers.
Goodbye, fraudsters

In-house liveness solution

Liveness is just as fast as a selfie check, but a lot more secure. Prevent even the most advanced forms of identity spoofing and confirm user presence during ID checks.

Face authentication

Secure every step of the customer lifecycle, including password changes or suspicious logins, with a fast liveness check. Only the true account holder will have access.

Local database checks

Confirm document validity through local government databases as an extra measure. This way, you can spot even the most sophisticated physical forgeries and see if the driver has any criminal history.

Tailor the verification flow as you see fit

Let users pick the verification route they like the most, automatically suggest required checks based on available data, and maximize pass rates anywhere. With Sumsub’s workflow builder, you can set up triggers, conditions, and actions code-free.

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Integrate Sumsub within an hour via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API. No interruptions with 99.996% uptime.


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