Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution

Turning insights into action:
rapid fraud prevention

Empowering businesses with AI-driven fraud prevention that delivers unparalleled accuracy, proactive action, and comprehensive protection against all forms of fraud

Boost productivity with pre-built anti-fraud rules

Automate manual fraud monitoring with our no-code workflow builder and ready-to-use rules library designed for various industries, jurisdictional complexities, and unique business needs

Streamline decision-making with AI-powered case management

Equip your fraud team with a 360-degree view of a customer's activity in one customizable dashboard to ensure efficient handling of potential fraud incidents, with high-risk alerts prioritized first

Lower costs with a single integration and support

Avoid internal development expenses by seamlessly integrating our fraud prevention tool via a dedicated solution architect, and gain 24/7 business and technical support in one unified platform

Explore our Fraud Prevention in Action

Account takeover

Prevent unauthorized access to your customers' accounts and protect your business's reputation. Our ML algorithms analyze user behavior, and our system quickly blocks suspicious connections and devices to stop fraudulent withdrawals. With Sumsub's MFA tools fueled by advanced deepfake detection, we strengthen authentication and safeguard your users' accounts from intruders.

Account takeover

Multi-accounting prevention

Multiple account creation, often for illicit purposes like money mulling, poses a threat to your security and compliance. Outsmart fraudsters with our Fraud Network Detection, behavioral intelligence, and device fingerprinting to ensure user authenticity and provide a fraud-free experience for your customers.

Multi-accounting prevention

Payment protection

Combat payment fraud by scanning every transaction in real-time and swiftly blocking any suspicious activity. We verify if bank cards are legitimate and belong to the rightful user to avoid costly chargebacks and preserve customer trust in your services. Our fraud prevention solution fortifies your payment processes and safeguards your business from lost revenue and damaged payment partner relations.

Payment protection

Empower your defense with Sumsub's multi-layered fraud detection and action

Unlock the power of our advanced ML algorithms to tackle all types of fraud—account theft, payment fraud, and more—at every user interaction. From onboarding to daily usage, our solution profiles user data, cross-references patterns, and triggers automated responses to minimize false positives.

Ultimate multi-accounting prevention at every stepUltimate multi-accounting prevention at every step

AI-powered event and transaction monitoring

Our advanced algorithms ensure near-zero false-positives, guaranteeing a highly accurate and reliable detection of fraudulent activities in real time.

Data orchestration for fully-fledged protection

We orchestrate all data collected from various sources and at different stages of user interaction, analyze it, and provide a real-time risk score, bolstering your fraud defense.

Behavioral-based fraud detection

Transform unique human behaviors into advanced security measures and add an invisible layer of fraud prevention by tracking user patterns over time and promptly flagging any deviations.

Graph neural network analysis

Our Fraud Network Detection Tool exposes serial fraud by spotting suspicious behavior and clustering users into networks based on their IPs, devices, selfies, action time, documents, PoA, and more.

The power of one platform

The first genuine fraud management solution, fortified by our leading KYC engine

As pioneers in the identity verification market, we have verified over 1 billion users and enriched our system with unique fraud pattern data. Our daily analysis of over 5,000 fraud samples continuously enhances our detection technologies, ensuring we block nearly 100% of fraudulent attempts.

  • 1B+

    identities enriched our fraud prevention system

  • 5K+

    fraud samples analyzed daily

  • 2M+

    known fraudsters in our unique database

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Optimize your fraud detection and response strategy, where cost reduction is achieved effortlessly. Avoid internal development expenses with easy configuration and pre-designed anti-fraud rules.

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* According to G2 2024 Identity Verification Winter Report


  • What is a fraud prevention solution?

    An online fraud prevention solution is a comprehensive cybersecurity measure designed to safeguard businesses and individuals from digital deception. It employs advanced technologies to detect and mitigate fraudulent activities, ensuring secure online transactions and data protection.

  • What are the strategies for fraud detection?

    The best fraud detection software employs advanced anomaly detection algorithms, machine learning models, and behavioral analytics. It analyzes transaction patterns, user behavior, and contextual data in real time, enhancing precision and efficiency in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities.

  • Can AI be used for fraud detection?

    Yes, AI is instrumental in fraud detection services, employing machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns and anomalies, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. It's a vital component in contemporary fraud detection strategies.

  • What is anti-fraud software?

    Anti-fraud software is a type of specialized anti-fraud solution employing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. It safeguards businesses and individuals by identifying and mitigating potential threats effectively.

  • How to choose the best fraud detection software

    Select the best fraud detection software by evaluating features such as real-time analytics, machine learning, and adaptability. Choose a comprehensive fraud management solution that meets your business needs and safeguards against potential threats.