Speed up paperwork with automated data extraction

No more manual data entry. Automatically extract data from any documents with Sumsub's highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR)

Recognize data on any document

  • IDs of any type
    Passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, residence permits, etc
  • A4 format documents
    Questionnaires, certificates, invoices, etc
  • Bank cards
    Credit and debit cards issued in any country
Recognize data on any document

Get more clients

Slash waiting times by auto-filling customer forms

Save time and money

Reduce manual work and cut costs by up to 90%

Reduce errors

Eliminate manual data entry to prevent 99.99% of typos

How it works

  • Step 1

    Pictures can be taken from any type of camera

    Users snap a photo of their document using any device that’s convenient. Our OCR technology recognizes images from any camera, easing paperwork for your staff and keeping pass rates high for clients

  • Step 2

    Data is captured and classified automatically

    Don't force your employees and clients to deal with manual data entry. Instead, automatically extract all needed data from a single photo snapped by the user

  • Step 3

    Images are checked for signs of fraud

    To keep fraudsters away, Sumsub automatically performs basic image checks to detect both physical and digital forgery in uploaded documents

  • Step 4

    Human quality control is performed where needed

    Our technologies automatically process 95% of all documents. To guarantee 100% quality, Sumsub reserves human quality control for a small number of complex cases

Why use our OCR technology

Handle documents from all over the world

Sumsub recognizes multiple alphabets and writing systems including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, etc, as well as East Asian languages including Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Handle documents from all over the world

Recognize any image from any device

Stay compatible no matter what your users upload—scans, mobile camera photos, webcam shots, you name it

Recognize any image from any device

Process images taken in any conditions

Our technology processes pictures taken in natural conditions, thanks to AI that removes digital image artifacts

Process images taken in any conditions

Don’t just recognize documents. Verify them

Benefit from an all-in-one OCR and verification toolkit. Ensure that documents are authentic and truly belong to the client

Don’t just recognize documents. Verify them

Fits right into your process

Integrate easily via Restful API with the help of our solution architects

Works where you work

Digitize documents and simplify data processing in any industry

  • Banking & finance

    KYC forms, verification of primary and additional documents

    Scan-to-Pay: reading certain fields of invoices to pay for services

    Internal document processing

  • Travel & Tourism

    Simplifying traveler identification for hotel check-ins, etc

    Fast registration in car rental and other sharing services

    Extraction of client data for forms (e.g. tickets issuing)

  • Transportation

    Automated filling of official requests at waypoints

    Processing of data on irregular cargo movement

    Creation and maintenance of electronic registries

  • Medical care

    Processing and storage of client data, medical records, prescriptions, etc

    Extraction of patient data from health certificates, bills, etc

    Internal document processing including contracts, survey, etc

  • Telecom

    Automation of new user registration and SIM card issuing

    Automatic filling of incoming forms, applications

    Organization of the document workflow

  • Insurance

    Recognition of IDs for issuing insurance policies

    Internal document processing

  • Retail

    Fast acceptance of goods deliveries

    Auto filling of data from invoices, purchase orders, etc

    Entering and updating customer data for loyalty programs

  • Education

    Creation and maintenance of personal files of each student

    Checking examination papers and processing of their results

    Electronic resources and library management

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