Reusable KYC

Instantly verify users across your partner network

With Sumsub’s unique Reusable KYC feature, users only need to get verified once to access multiple partnered services.

Speed up and simplify customer verification

Our clients see user overlaps as high as 75%. Reusable KYC enables these users to avoid repeat verification by exchanging their KYC data across partner networks.

Eliminate repeat verification

Eliminate repeat verification

Reduce verification costs

Reduce verification costs

Onboard users in just 4sec

Onboard users in just 4sec

How it works

Imagine two companies from different industries — Mercuryo and Partner — sharing data and looking to minimize onboarding drop-offs. Here’s how they can ensure that their overlapping users get verified once and for all.

Step 1

A verified Mercuryo user wants to register with partner.

Step 2

Mercuryo generates a share token containing the user’s data and documents and provides it to Partner after customer approval via API.

Step 3

The user is easily onboarded with partner, skipping repeat verification

Let the numbers do the talking: get 240% ROI

Сompanies that work with Sumsub identity verification software save costs and increase revenue, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform study by Forrester Consulting. Let’s see what results you can get

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    months payback

KYC & AML software tailored to your needs

Engage users with clear and simple onboarding that promises high completion rates and more paying customers

  • Don’t be limited by territory

    We cover 14,000+ document types from over 220 countries—plus, we constantly research emerging document types to keep your KYC process smooth and simple.

  • No language difficulties

    We accept documents in a wide range of languages, including those written in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and hieroglyphic scripts. All documents are transliterated into Latin script in accordance with local rules.

  • Localized interfaces

    KYC checks are a must, but should they be a burden on your users? Sumsub provides multi-lingual instructions and hints to make user journeys as smooth as possible.

  • Collect more information in less steps

    To save users time, Sumsub automatically extracts key data from uploaded documents. This eliminates the need for users to fill out tedious forms manually.

  • Smooth biometrics

    Whether your KYC flow is liveness or selfie-based, we provide your users with the fastest and most secure onboarding—with no physical keys, KBAs, or long entry forms. So you can forget about payment fraud, bots, and high drop-off rates.

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.


Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say

Arthur Firstov
Arthur Firstov

Head of Sales at Mercuryo

With Sumsub’s reusable KYC — Share Token system, Mercuryo’s partners can share their applicants’ KYC data with one another. This way, users don’t have to manually verify their identity on the Mercuryo side and undergo KYC multiple times. And this not only helps us improve the user experience but also increases the conversion rate!

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