Document verification service

Get to know clients with faster document verification

Streamline user checks by authenticating documents from over 220 countries and territories, no matter the language or format

Automate onboarding

No need for manual work—optical character recognition and automatic checks process all of your verification needs in minutes

Fight fraudsters

Onboard honest users with fine-tuned fraud protection that stops 50,000+ attempts monthly

Maximize conversions

Customizable steps, useful hints, and quick swaps to mobile, netting 99% onboarding success rates

Onboard global users with confidence

Verify just about any document you can find precisely, automatically, and the way you want to

ID verification

Don’t worry about different document types and local specifics—Sumsub recognizes them all

  • ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Residence permits
  • Work permits
  • Passports
ID verification

Proof of address

Perform Proof of Address checks using a wide range of documents, no matter where your users are from

  • Utility bills
  • Bank statements
  • Tax invoices
Proof of address

Need to check a specific document?

Request any other document through Sumsub’s questionnaires

Need to check a specific document?

How it works

  • Obtaining the document

    Sumsub helps the applicant submit a high-quality image of their document.

  • Verifying user data

    All necessary user data is extracted and verified according to a wide range of parameters.

  • Getting results

    Results are sent to you via webhooks. You can easily access them anytime from the dashboard.

  • Storing user data

    In line with the GDPR, all user data is stored in an encrypted format on Amazon servers, which are located in the EU.

Let the numbers do the talking: get 240% ROI

Сompanies that work with Sumsub identity verification software save costs and increase revenue, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform study by Forrester Consulting. Let’s see what results you can get

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    months payback

How we keep conversion high

Sumsub packs multiple features that streamline the document verification process, saving users time and eliminating drop-offs

  • Assisted image capture

    Helps applicants properly photograph their documents on the first try, increasing conversion rates overall

  • Smart Data Extraction

    Saves users the trouble of entering data by hand with OCR that scans data fields with 99% precision and fills in the blanks automatically

  • Document pre-check

    Gives clients a heads up when they upload poor-quality photos, ensuring that they pass verification in one go

  • Switch to mobile

    Lets users switch from their PC to a camera-equipped mobile device to complete the verification flow

How we keep conversion high

How we ensure bulletproof security

All document checks are backed up by Sumsub’s anti-fraud arsenal, featuring AI that leaves no stone unturned

  • Security features check

    Examines hidden parameters to ensure ID authenticity

  • Screenshots & screen recapture

    Ensures that submitted photographs are genuine, rather than screenshots or false projections

  • Behavioral risk score

    Determines suspicious user configurations and location mismatches by monitoring IPs, device fingerprints, and submitted documents

  • Duplicate search

    Detects when applicants try to reuse personal data connected to an existing user

  • Blocklist search

    Constant cross-checks against a blocklist of 1,000,000+ known fraudsters

  • Fraud pattern detection and protection

    Analyzes new and emerging fraud patterns to protect your business from the latest scams

How we ensure bulletproof security

Need a custom verification flow to suit your business needs?

No problem—take the wheel and adjust the flow the way you like:

  • Choose the data fields scanned by OCR
  • Configure acceptable documents by user group
  • Mark particular document types for manual review
Need a custom verification flow to suit your business needs?

Manage the entire customer lifecycle with ease

Use the Compliance Cockpit to set up workflows and manage user data at all stages, from onboarding to auditing

  • Customize user journeys according to your needs

    Сhoose the required checks and triggers

    Set which cases are sent to manual review

    Play with the look and feel to match interfaces with your brand

  • Investigate and manage info within a single client profile

    Dive deep into suspicious users

    Make final decisions on controversial cases

    Report fraud attempts

  • Stay informed with ongoing monitoring

    Know if a user has been blacklisted for fraud attempts at other services

    Know exactly when documents expire

    Get daily AML alerts to stay compliant with your jurisdiction

  • Identify bottlenecks to improve approval rates

    Analyze your audience and verification process in-depth

    Figure out why and when users drop off

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.


Personalized customer service

Technical support

24/7 support for integration, maintenance, and any other issues

Legal support

Professional advice on building compliant user verification flows

Customer success

Your own manager at Sumsub, tasked with helping you achieve your business goals and metrics

Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say

Daniil Petin
Daniil Petin

COO at JobToday Flex

Sumsub's solution helped us not to drown in paperwork, and simplify the end-user onboarding and compliance officer routine. To verify each applicant, it now took around 30 seconds instead of 10 minutes. Document processing time was reduced in half with a successful profile completion 99.5% of the time.

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  • What is online verification of documents?

    Online document verification is a set of procedures that ensures the validity, authenticity, and true ownership of documents provided by users. The document verification process ensures that documents aren’t stolen, forged, expired, or otherwise invalid. This helps businesses to reduce risks of fraud and comply with regulations.

  • What are the types of document verification?

    To verify a user's identity, ID document verification processes government-issued ID cards, passports, driving licenses, residence permits, and more. To verify a user's place of residence, companies use a proof of address verification that processes utility bills, bank statements, and more. Sometimes, companies need to verify the user's money origin. In this case, source of funds verification allows processing of financial, real estate and investment documents.

  • What documents are required for verification?

    To verify a client for KYC (know your customer) purposes, companies usually need to collect the following information at minimum: name, date of birth and address. These requirements are usually covered by ID document checks (sometimes proof of address verification is included). Additional information about customers can be collected depending on the business and regulatory requirements. For example, US businesses may need to verify tax identification numbers of US customers.

  • How does document verification work?

    The document verification process checks for document authenticity and integrity. This usually means checking for the presence of security features and detecting signs of forgery. There are two approaches for document verification: manual and automatic. Due to the rising complexity of methods that fraudsters use for forgeries, businesses switch to automated document verification solutions. This allows them to stay fully protected against fraud and significantly decrease verification time.

  • What are document verification services?

    Document verification services use AI-powered software that detects absence of security features, signs of forgery, graphic editing, and other red flags. In most cases, users simply upload a photo of their document, and the document verification service provider automatically performs document validation and verification. Usually, the required data is extracted, but the verified documents are stored in the system for a certain amount of time so that they can be accessed if needed.