Account Takeover Fraud Prevention

Stop account takeovers
with enhanced protection

Safeguard your users' accounts from unauthorized access. Our fraud prevention solution detects suspicious behavior in real-time, ensuring a secure experience for everyone

Ensure seamless customer experience

Integrate passive authentication like behavioral and location intelligence to enhance security without disrupting user experience

Strengthen account recovery processes

Easily detect unauthorized access attempts with cutting-edge authentication tech that detects all kinds of identity fraud including deepfakes

Protect your bottom line and reputation

Take a proactive fraud prevention approach to avoid financial losses, uphold your brand reputation and foster trust with both customers and partners

Prevent multi-accounting at every step

Sumsub uncovers connected accounts by examining similarities in identity document templates and shared IP addresses, analyzing user behavior, transactions, and session data

Ultimate multi-accounting prevention at every stepUltimate multi-accounting prevention at every step

Harnessing Behavioral Intelligence
for Proactive Protection

Real-time User Activity Monitoring

We monitor user activity, detecting any irregular patterns or behaviours that may signal a potential account takeover, such as login attempts from unfamiliar locations or sudden changes in account settings.

Real-time User Activity Monitoring

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Using state-of-the-art AI-driven algorithms, we analyze user behaviour to identify anomalies. For example, if a user makes high-risk transactions that are unusual for him or holdes his device in a new way.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

IP Address & Geo Tracking

Our monitoring systems keep track of the IP addresses and Geo used to access accounts. Any access from an unfamiliar or suspicious IP address or location trigger an immediate alert for further investigation.

IP Address & Geo Tracking

Device Fingerprinting

By identifying devices accessing accounts, we can detect new or unrecognized devices attempting login. In such cases, users may be prompted to undergo additional identity verification steps for enhanced security.

Device Fingerprinting

Stay proactive with AI-driven detection

Stay ahead of evolving threats with future-proof technologies that continuously adapt to new attack vectors and ensure early-on detection of potential threats.

Customize workflows with a no-code builder and ready-to-use rules

Stay flexible across countries by leveraging customized rules that cater to your risk policy and business requirements.

Enhance protection without sacrificing user experience

Enable real-time behavior monitoring and optimize user flows with quick, user-friendly checks during key customer actions.

The power of one platform

The first genuine fraud management solution, fortified by our leading KYC engine

As pioneers in the identity verification market, we have verified over 1 billion users and enriched our system with unique fraud pattern data. Our daily analysis of over 5,000 fraud samples continuously enhances our detection technologies, ensuring we block nearly 100% of fraudulent attempts.

  • 1B+

    identities enriched our fraud prevention system

  • 5K+

    fraud samples analyzed daily

  • 2M+

    known fraudsters in our unique database

What our customers say about us

Clyde Zorgvol
Clyde Zorgvol

Deputy Group Head of Compliance of

The Sumsub's Fast-Fail feature informs the client immediately about any issues with their documents during the approval process, which is a significant improvement to our users’ experience. Moreover, features such as liveness and structured blocklists help us prevent most cases of fraud instantly.

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Optimize your fraud detection and response strategy, where cost reduction is achieved effortlessly. Avoid internal development expenses with easy configuration and pre-designed anti-fraud rules.

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* According to G2 2024 Identity Verification Winter Report


  • What is an account takeover?

    An account takeover is a fraud type when unauthorized individuals gain access to a user's account without their permission or knowledge. It typically involves the malicious takeover of usernames, passwords, or other authentication credentials to gain unauthorized access to personal or financial information and conduct fraudulent activities. To protect against this fraud, account takeover fraud detection solutions that can identify suspicious activities are used.

  • What are the statistics of account takeover fraud?

    According to Sumsub’s Fraud Report 2023, account takeovers are in the top 5 of the most popular identity fraud types. Despite efforts to bolster security measures, account takeovers have steadily grown. According to Sumsub’s internal statistics, global account takeover incidents increased by 155% in 2023. To prevent account takeovers, companies need to deploy advanced anti-fraud systems.

  • What is ATO prevention?

    Account takeover (ATO) prevention includes measures like multi-factor authentication, user behavior analysis, continuous monitoring, secure password policies, fraud detection systems, and education to minimize the risk of unauthorized access and fraudulent activities on user accounts. To stay protected, companies use account takeover solutions that help identify, prevent, and respond to ATO attacks by leveraging advanced technologies and real-time monitoring.

  • What is account takeover protection?

    Account takeover protection involves measures and strategies aimed at preventing unauthorized access and fraudulent activities on user accounts. It includes strong authentication, fraud detection and monitoring, security awareness and education, continuous account monitoring, risk-based authentication, and account recovery and remediation processes.