ID Document Verification Service
Sumsub for ID Verification

No matter if it’s 10–or 10,000–users a day,
get them verified with pit-stop speed and accuracy

With Sumsub, each of your customers will pass ID verification fast and fairly. Workflow setting flexibility, technologies that drive accuracy and the perfect user experience are the three pillars of our ID document verification service.

Combined, they make a perfect solution that helps you to onboard as many users as you want, without any glitches.
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service


Countries and territories included


Completion rates proven by our clients


A perfect median time

Key features

Onboard users with the highest possible conversion rates with our ready-made Web and Mobile SDKs, which you can use to manage everything:

  • steps, design and text customization;
  • hints for users that help them to pass the first time;
  • tools for switching to another device;
  • an automatically changing status screen (and more).
Get everything your business needs from automation:

  • flexible data extraction from documents;
  • the ability to set verification rules;
  • different rules for different user groups;
  • triggers for case escalation to a manual decision (and more).
Detect fraudulent patterns and orchestrate your compliance with advanced tools:

  • manual decision making;
  • case management based on statuses, length checking and other filters;
  • in-depth investigation with detailed grounds for the decision made;
  • an additional documents request tool;
  • a questionnaire builder (and more).
Analyze and manage checks in real-time:

  • basic and advanced analytics on the speed of the checks;
  • volume and reasons for the decline;
  • dynamics indicators in the context of different projects, countries, and traffic sources;
  • reports on your team’s performance;
  • restriction of access levels;
  • automatically generated compliance reports for regulators and partners (and more).
Automate your own processes or use our proven pre-built workflows:

  • regulatory policies and guidelines for each verification type, meeting the requirements of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • lists of documents to be accepted for support teams;
  • training and guidelines for compliance teams (and more).
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service

How can quick and effective identity document verification make your processes shine?

ID Document Verification Service

Fraud protection

Prevent any kind of fraud, from multiaccounting and phishing to unfairchargeback claims.
ID Document Verification Service

AML / KYC Compliance

Supplement your processes with the perfect onboarding & AML / KYC compliance toolkit and get the toughest questions answered by experienced multi-jurisdictional lawyers.
ID Document Verification Service

Non-standard documents will no longer limit your growth.

Sumsub lets you focus on what you do best, while we take care of onboarding and compliance, completely tailored for your target markets. Plus, to ease future tasks, we transliterate documents with local characters into Latin, in accordance with local rules.
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service

Any check you'd like, in a single tool, available when you need it.

The checks and information necessary to respond quickly to compliance and business changes are now available in a single solution. These also include checks for non-identity documents, such as proof of address, source of funds and SSN. With your identity and additional info together, you’ll always have the information you need to quickly fulfill scaling needs.
Driving licences, passports, identity cards and local ID documents, all verified. Plus, Sumsub automatically monitors expiration dates and works both with machine-generated text, as well as hand-written one.
Acquisition from ID documents, text recognition and authentication are key features of our visa verification service.

In some countries, an employment verification document can be used as kind of ID. With Sumsub, you can add this check as an additional option.

ID Document Verification Service

How do we protect you?

Sumsub’s solutions end the challenge of balancing strong protection with the best end-user experience. The multi-layered anti-fraud function makes your app safe for both you and your users. The software continuously adds new security features, so you are always on the safe side with any passport or identity card verification procedure.
Automatically detect suspicious fraud patterns form the user’s entry point.
Pixel and signature analysis examine document images and, with high accuracy, detect areas that were graphically edited.

The system recognizes the country, the document’s type and version, then defines the security features that are to be assessed. For example, holograms, stamps, fonts, colored backgrounds, watermarks, microprint, etc. It then verifies the document against these standards, and automatically detects those that are physical fakes.

Validation that a user is who they claim to be via face recognition, liveness and face-matching technologies.

Over 100,000 blocklists containing compromised documents and faces from the darknet, in combination with our proprietary fraud archive, will supplement your protection.

ID Document Verification Service

All your client info organized within one single profile.

Verification tasks do not stop with the onboarding of a new user. Compare the data from the document with the one that the user originally provided during onboarding, adjust sensitivity for an enhanced check, or set up monitoring and notifications for the expiration date of the document – all that in one rich-featured place.

How it works

Sumsub acquires the ID

The system catches a correctly formatted, high quality image.

Texts are extracted

All textual information is automatically extracted from the identity document for future tasks.

Behind the scenes, Sumsub verifies the ID

Our technologies rapidly check IDs by dozens of parameters and generate the final, combined score.

The status screen informs the user about the system’s decision

The result of the verification will be displayed on this screen and sent to an email address provided by the user.

You see the check status and all related details on the Dashboard

The profile’s current status, micro-checks that led to the final decision, and reasons for the decision can all be found on the Sumsub Dashboard.

… and you can also keep track of all the checks using handy filters

Speed of checks, final decisions, profile inspections – you’re always in complete control of the process, through these and many other filters.

Works where you work

ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service
ID Document Verification Service

More ways in which Sumsub can help

ID Document Verification Service

Sumsub Identity

Check the authenticity of documents and the presence of their owners
Verify a user’s address, cards and sources of income
Automate screening with comprehensive, real-time global coverage of Watchlists, PEPs and Adverse Media

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