ID verification

ID verification

A seamless solution for onboarding any number of users worldwide, powered by a verification engine that supports IDs from 220+ countries and territories

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ID verification

Go global

Onboard users from any country with support for 6500 document types

Block all identity fraud

Detect and deny fake IDs using AI-powered algorithms

Automate ID verification

Let Sumsub do all verification duties automatically and precisely

Reach the highest pass rates worldwide

There's no such thing as 100% pass rate. With Sumsub, you'll reach the highest real-world numbers possible.

Defeat fraud at every step

  • Secure screen capture. Validate uploaded images to prevent screenshots from passing through the verification system.
  • Check submitted images. Detect traces of digital forgery to rule out images fabricated through graphic editing software.
  • Ensure document integrity. Deny fake IDs with automated security features check.
Defeat fraud at every step

Onboard users effortlessly

  • Assisted image capture. Thanks to machine learning-based hints and capture assistance, users provide suitable document photos right off the bat.
  • Instant ID pre-check. If a document is uploaded improperly, the system immediately offers the user a chance to reupload, saving them time and improving overall conversion.
  • Jump to another device. Let users continue verification on their smartphone by sending them a generated link, QR code, or an SMS.
Onboard users effortlessly

Here’s what Sumsub does in less than a minute:

  • Extracts all data automatically via OCR as soon as the applicant uploads their document

  • Checks the document for legitimacy based on internal and given verification rules

  • Screens the user against AML databases and an internal blocklist of 1,000,000+ known fraudsters

  • Shows a new entry on your dashboard and sends you a notification

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Save time and scale up easily

  • Speed up verification with AI-powered OCR engine. Handle large-scale automatic checks in just seconds—no matter how many users knock on your door tomorrow.
  • Separate users into groups. Build better customer journeys for different user groups by setting specific document types, verification steps, and target countries.
  • Specify cases for manual review. Set triggers and alarms for manual review of suspicious cases. Leave the rest to automated checks.
Save time and scale up easily
Build a complete user verification flow

Build a complete user verification flow

Enhance your age verification process with KYC checks, AML, and proof of address checks to ensure thorough verification

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Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.

Personalized customer servicePersonalized customer service

Personalized customer service

Technical support

24/7 support for integration, maintenance, and any other issues

Legal support

Unlimited, professional advice on building compliant user verification flows

Customer success

Monitor and improve your processes on a regular basis

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Justas Miškinis

Justas Miškinis

Product Manager at TransferGo

Our ambition to continue to improve the service and solutions we offer is rooted in our incessant focus on our customer. The culture of innovation and dedication to improving customer service makes Sumsub a great fit for us. As a partner they will be critical in helping us deliver a best-in-class ID verification service that is secure, compliant and frictionless.


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