Age Verification Service

Sumsub Age Verification Services

A fast and secure age verification service for your app, website and kiosk

Some people can watch your adult content, buy your regulated products and commission your services. But some people can consume you up      to ___ for non-compliance with the minimum age restrictions. Sumsub’s age verification lets you keep pace with the changing regulations in all your important markets, impressing users with short and pleasant onboarding experiences.

Age Verification Service

What makes our
Age Verification service different

Age Verification Service

“Finally, peace of mind and no troubles with compliance” –you and your colleagues.

Laws are changing fast, and the ‘are you over the age of 18?’ checkbox is no longer enough. A complex identity verification solution cuts the time spent digging through complicated requirements across markets, while increasing the time that you can invest in your business.
Restrict under-age access to your products and services, which would put you at risk of non-compliance.
If adults shouldn’t use the websites designed specifically for children, with Sumsub, they won’t.

Keep pace with the latest FDA age requirements, state laws and merchant account policies. Sumsub’s verification rules and steps can be tailored to your specific case. Approve, deny or escalate profiles with risk signals that are created bespoke for your business’ requirements.

Age Verification Service

No more lost customers through compliance

Sumsub’s age verification systems promptly check the ages of users from any market while driving sales and customer base expansion.
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service

All the checks you need—in one single tool, code-free and super simple.

Everything you need to prevent fraud, comply with laws as well as internal business policies—in one tab.
The system extracts date of birth from ID documents, and defines the applicant’s current age. Other data, like name, address, document number and residentship, are also checked and available for future tasks at any time.

It’s time to stop even the most sophisticated of fraudsters. We detect the intervention of graphic editors, perform face liveness detection and face matching to to ensure the authenticity of the individual. For extra protection, the system performs a cross-check with our internal blocklist of compromised persons (names, documents, “one document, different faces” fakes, etc.). Not only this, but we also check IP addresses, the darknet, adverse media and much more.

Ensure that a credit card or an e-wallet belongs to the user, while making sure that bank transfers have been approved by the relevant account holders, all before a transaction is made.
Safeguard your reputation in front of regulators, banks and merchants with fully compliant KYC/AML policies and processes.

The key features of online age verification

Do age verification for websites and apps with the highest possible conversion rates with our ready-made Web and Mobile SDKs, which you can use to manage everything:

  • steps, design and text customization;
  • hints for users that help them to pass the first time;
  • tools for switching to another device;
  • an automatically changing status screen (and more).
Get everything your business needs from automation:

  • flexible data extraction from documents;
  • the ability to set verification rules;
  • different rules for different user groups;
  • triggers for case escalation to a manual decision (and more).
Detect fraudulent patterns and orchestrate your compliance with advanced tools:

  • manual decision making;
  • case management based on statuses, length checking, and other filters;
  • in-depth investigation with detailed grounds for the decision made;
  • an additional documents request tool;
  • a questionnaire builder (and more).
Analyze and manage checks in real-time:

  • basic and advanced analytics on the speed of the checks;
  • volume and reasons for the decline;
  • dynamics indicators in the context of different projects, countries, and traffic sources;
  • reports on your team’s performance;
  • restriction of access levels;
  • automatically generated compliance reports for regulators and partners (and more).
Automate your own processes or use our proven pre-built workflows:

  • regulatory policies and guidelines for each verification type, meeting the requirements of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • lists of documents to be accepted for support teams;
  • training and guidelines for compliance teams (and more).
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service

Works where you work

A single API integration and a few minutes are all you need to be up and running. Our dedicated tech support team will be happy to guide you through the process.
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service
Age Verification Service

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