Business verification service

Get full control over business verification

Speed up business onboarding by conducting registry screening, UBO verification, ownership structure checks, AML watchlist screening, and corporate document verification in one place.

Business verification solution

Access 500M+ commercial records for registry checks

Automate company verification by letting counterparties verify in a few clicks

Confirm shareholder data via 345M+ entries database

Verify shareholder data and personal documents fast, in any language

Join 350+ clients using Sumsub’s KYB solution

Capitalize on rapid verification of any entity to scale globally

Pick the verification modules
that meet your needs

  • InsetRadius

    Corporate Documents Review

    • Documents review by in-house team
    • Cross-check with Registries and user data
    • Questionnaires
  • Corporate Registry Check

    • Governmental corporate registries and proprietary databases
    • Company vitals cross-check
  • UBO Verification

    • Including ID check, PoA, Liveness
    • Non-Doc Verification
    • Live Agent Video Call
    • QES/eIDAS & eID
    • NFC
    • Blocklist & Duplicates
  • Ownership & Control Check

    • Ownership structure exposure
    • Directors and UBOs identification
  • AML Screening

    • Businesses and individuals screening
    • PEP, Sanctions lists & Adverse Media
    • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Questionnaires Analysis

    • Custom document upload
    • Conditional formatting
    • Risk Scoring

Know who your counterparties truly are

Get a tour of Sumsub’s Business Verification solution to see for yourself
how easy deterring money laundering and fraud can be

Worldwide registry checks

30K+ global data sources in 200+ countries and territories, all available to you. Screen against watchlists, analyze entity data, validate ownership, and review corporate structures—all in one centralized platform

Rapid UBO verification

30 seconds, 90%+ average pass rates, and seamless UX will ensure an efficient onboarding process with high pass rates. User and business verification can be run simultaneously, with real-time updates for all parties

Precise AML screening

Screen UBOs and representatives against 11000+ independent data sources, including global watchlists, PEP lists, and adverse media

Company structure checks

Get insights on your customers’ beneficial owners and ownership structures automatically

Corporate document verification

Combine business verification modules to meet evolving regulations and your business needs. You can start with a registry check and corporate document verification if no data is found

Manual business verification

Not enough data to make an informed onboarding decision? Delegate the entire process to our veteran compliance team

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API. Alternatively, you can use Unilink to onboard users via a QR code or a link to the verification form without integrating Sumsub at all. Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.


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  • What is business verification?

    Online Business Verification is a process that investigates and determines the legitimacy of a company and its overall ownership structure. It is also a due diligence procedure that checks business activities to ensure that all partnering entities are not involved in illegal activities. Business Verification ensures that Anti-Money Laundering regulations are applied to help prevent money laundering and other types of serious financial crimes.

  • What information is needed to verify a business?

    Company verification typically requires a range of documents to thoroughly establish the legitimacy of a business. These include incorporation documents, which verify the company's legal existence; business licenses, proving the company is authorized to operate in its respective field; financial statements, to assess the financial health and stability; and proof of business address, ensuring the physical location of the business. Extra documents may include the identification of key executives and beneficial owners to comply with regulations regarding verifying businesses.

  • What is corporate verification?

    Corporate verification is a business authentication process where a business’s operational status is confirmed. This involves checking registration details with government databases, ensuring compliance with local laws, and sometimes reviewing ownership structure.

  • What are business verification services?

    Business verification services scrutinize a company's registration details, verify its legal existence, assess compliance with local laws, and evaluate the credibility of its financial standing and ownership. The main goal is to prevent fraud and ensure that a business is trustworthy before you engage in any transactions or partnerships with them.