AML case management software

Make informed decisions. Investigate. Report.

From user verification to reporting to regulators, solve all compliance tasks in a single dashboard, barrier-free

Manage all cases in one place

Connect user data to your compliance & anti fraud process, code-free

Boost your team’s productivity

Join Sumsub’s clients in reaching 50% higher compliance efficiency

Access any data, anytime

Download data and logs to prepare for audits and reporting

Case management solution for compliance teams

Forget multiple tabs and tools. Set up and optimize verification flows, analyze indicators, investigate cases and create reports—all in one place

Case management solution for compliance teams

Build custom workflows for any user case

Set up your own verification logic with a flexible Workflow Builder. Combine triggers and actions to automate decision-making

Collaborate effectively in one dashboard

Solving issues together is now faster—and more pleasant—than ever! Delegate tasks, make comments and approve decisions. Set up your teamwork exactly as you need it. You won’t lose track of anything since all actions are logged

Collaborate effectively in one dashboard

Investigate suspicious cases

Noticed an unusual transaction? Maybe users uploaded the same document? Whenever anything fishy comes up, you can carefully analyze behavioral risk scores, liveness recordings, documents, and other relevant information. Get complete data and transaction overviews in easy-to-read user profiles

Investigate suspicious cases

Analyze data with handy visual tools

Get your data clearly visualized to make well-informed decisions. Look at the big picture, or dive into the details to identify patterns, detect fraud cases, build links between customers and transactions, and more

Analyze data with handy visual tools

Report suspicious activities to regulators

Save time and effort when it comes to reporting criminals to your regulators. Download suspicious activity reports (SARs) containing the relevant applicant or transaction monitoring data to submit to your regulator

Report suspicious activities to regulators

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Julian Grech

Legal Counsel at YouHodler

The Sumsub integration was a huge boost for our dedicated compliance officers, helping them manage their time more efficiently and turn their focus to supporting our clients in other aspects. Sumsub also enabled YouHodler to create automatic reports for regulatory bodies and applicable laws.

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  • What is case management in AML?

    AML case management is the process of collecting, monitoring and assessing information to detect suspicious user behavior and prevent financial crimes. It’s performed by regulated entities, such as financial companies and banks, to detect criminal activity in money laundering and terrorist financing. AML case management includes KYC procedures, investigation of suspicious cases and their reporting to regulators. To ease this process and manage all user data and cases in one place, companies often use KYC/AML dashboards.

  • What is an AML workflow?

    The AML workflow is a series of procedures taken by regulated entities to prevent financial crimes, as well as elaborate and implement their AML policy. An AML case management workflow usually includes customer verification, monitoring suspicious activity and reporting to regulators. To manage the entire process in one place, compliance officers use specialized third-party solutions and compliance cockpits.

  • What is an AML case management system?

    An AML case management system is a software made to monitor, review, investigate, make decisions and report suspicious user cases. This software is developed for regulated entities to ease the AML compliance process and detect criminal activity.