Liveness Solution

No more advanced fraud.
No more deepfakes.

Safeguard your business with Sumsub’s Liveness & Deepfake Detection technology, capable of catching all spoofing fraud instantly.

It’s getting harder to tell who’s real

Fabricating a deepfake and synthetic fraud has never been easier than it is today. A little know-how and 10 minutes are all it takes for a fraudster to get started. Deepfakes can be detected by spotting image anomalies or alterations during image capture. Fraudsters work hard to introduce new generative models to mask image tampering.

It’s getting harder to tell who’s real

Introducing Sumsub’s Liveness & Deepfake Detection technology

It doesn’t matter how hard fraudsters try Sumsub’s in-house pixel analysis and pattern recognition technology is capable of spotting fakes instantly. Up to 99.95% of deepfakes are intercepted on the first try.

Introducing Sumsub’s Liveness & Deepfake Detection technology

Spoofing fraud comes in many flavors.

  • Deepfakes, lookalikes, and doppelgangers*

  • Physical/digital images and
    paper masks

  • Masks, wax figures, and
    lifelike dolls

  • High-resolution videos

  • Sleeping/unwilling user verification

* This image was modified using deepfake technology in good faith and for general information purposes only

Let the numbers do the talking: get 240% ROI

Сompanies that work with Sumsub identity verification software save costs and increase revenue, according to the “Total Economic Impact™ Of Sumsub’s Verification Platform study by Forrester Consulting. Let’s see what results you can get

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    < 6

    months payback

Verify instantly

In one quick motion of the head, your users get verified instantly on their smartphone or webcam. Get pass rates up to 99% and happier clients.

Fully compatible with:

  • Glasses, beards, and makeup
  • Various nationalities
  • Slow internet connection
  • All modern smart devices and web cameras

Cover the entire user journey

Designed with security in mind

Sumsub leverages industry-standard data encryption and regular penetration tests to protect your business. That includes sophisticated deepfakes, advanced cyber threats, reverse engineering, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks. Sumsub’s Liveness has been proven secure by iBeta tests, performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3.

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API. Alternatively, you can use Unilink to onboard users via a QR code or a link to the verification form without integrating Sumsub at all. Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.


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  • What is liveness detection in facial recognition?

    Liveness verification is an advanced detection technology designed for facial biometric checks. The neural network scans a face and creates a 3D map for analyzing the image and adapting to its changes.

  • What is the difference between facial recognition and liveness detection?

    The difference between the two technologies is that facial recognition checks whether a user is correct via biometric traits, and liveness detection checks whether the user is a live person.

  • What is the 3D facial recognition process?

    The face and head are used in facial recognition to verify a person's identity through their facial biometric patterns and data. Facial biometrics then analyze every bit of facial data with the help of a 3D map captured via the photo verification process.

  • How does facial recognition biometrics work?

    Biometric facial recognition works by using unique mathematical and dynamic patterns to scan a user's face. The system then maps these facial features from an image or video and compares this information with a database to find a match.

  • What is a liveness check in KYC?

    Liveness checks are used in KYC for onboarding new applicants and ongoing authentication. The Liveness neural network scans the user's face and creates a 3D map for analyzing the image and adapting to its changes. It takes just a second to recognize the facial features and report whether the applicant is a real person (not a deepfake, an AI-generated face image, a paper mask, screen photo, or another illicit image). Liveness also checks for duplicates and whether the user holds the account and linked documents.