KYC & Fraud Prevention for Betting

Don’t keep bettors waiting.
Verify in under 30 seconds.

Tackle any volume of bettors during sporting events. Top pass rates, full security, and compliance with any jurisdiction.

Verify bettors in under 30 seconds

Onboard at full speed, whether it’s football, e-sports, or the Olympics

Process 14,000+ document types

Sumsub recognizes virtually any type of document, script, and language

Get 90%+ pass rates anywhere, anytime

Capitalize on major sporting events by reducing onboarding friction to a minimum

Every single bettor counts

No more losing bettors at the
KYC stage

Keep your marketing budget intact with user-friendly verification. 40+ interface languages, sleek UI, and a unique fast fail feature will ensure top pass rates and happy users.

No more losing bettors at the <br/>KYC stage

No more compliance
challenges, ever

Avoid fines and stay compliant with any jurisdiction, regulation, and Responsible Gaming guideline, no matter how tough. Enter markets that were too difficult previously with confidence.

No more compliance <br/>challenges, ever

No more fraudsters

Say goodbye to bonus abuse, multi-accounting, affiliate fraud, money laundering, and illegitimate chargebacks. Sumsub’s Fraud Prevention will act on suspicious activity during and after user onboarding.

No more fraudsters

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