Sumsub partners ChainUp to strengthen KYC & AML compliance in user onboarding process for clients

Blockchain solutions provider ChainUp Group announced a collaboration with international all-in-one verification platform Sumsub to provide clients with KYC & AML services. 

ChainUp Group, a Singapore-based blockchain technology solutions provider, announces its partnership with Sumsub to offer its clients KYC services that comply with AML regulations. Through this partnership, clients building digital asset trading systems using ChainUp will have seamless, fully-integrated access to Sumsub’s advanced KYC services. 

“Security and compliance are of utmost importance to us. As we strive to continuously enhance our offerings and provide clients end-to-end solutions that are fuss-free to adopt, we believe this partnership with Sumsub is an important step to ensure seamless and compliant user onboarding process for our clients, and also showcases our commitment to work with like-minded partners to drive development in the overall ecosystem.”

Mr. Sailor Zhong, CEO of ChainUp Group

ChainUp offers comprehensive digital assets trading systems, with a complete suite of trading functions that are highly secure and easy to integrate. Clients also have the flexibility to tailor the exchanges they build according to their users’ preferences. During system deployment, clients that choose to leverage Sumsub’s KYC services for user onboarding will be able to activate the service instantaneously. 

“With the rising demand and interest in blockchain technology,  security standards and customer expectations in the industry are steadily increasing. Our ultimate goal is to develop the most advanced security and compliance products that can be trusted by the leading industry players, such as ChainUp and their customers in key markets like Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and Korea.”

Andrew Sever, CEO of Sumsub

  • August 11, 2022
  • Corporate

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