Ilya Brovin Discusses Verification and Transaction Monitoring with PayPod host Jacob Hollabaugh

Sumsub’s Chief Growth Officer talked to Jacob Hollabaugh, the host of PayPod podcast

Watch PayPod’s Episode 277 with Ilya Brovin, CGO of Sumsub

In this episode of PayPod, the payments and fintech podcast, host Jacob Hollabaugh sits down with Ilya Brovin to discuss the complex world of compliance and fraud prevention in the fintech space.

The expert, Ilya, shares insights on compliance and fraud prevention in the crypto space. The challenges of implementing regulation in the dynamic and growing crypto industry are discussed. Listeners can learn how transaction monitoring is changing the way we think about business. Ilya also gives detailes on the rules-based engine Sumsub platform provides its clients that can be customized for each business’s unique risk views. The talk would be of interest to all those who enjoy studying the expanding and evolving world of verification and transaction monitoring.

You can watch the video or listen to the audio recording of the interview directly on the PayPod website:

About PayPod

Since 2019, PayPod has been the leading voice in the payments and fintech industry, covering advances in payments, software and new technology. Host Jacob Hollabaugh interviews industry thought leaders who are shaping the payments and fintech world, as they discuss the most important trends shaping the future.

  • June 23, 2023
  • Corporate

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