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Step 1/9

Now it’s time to customize the user interface. Create your own design or use pre-made templates.

Step 2/9

Insert your website URL to automatically import the style and apply it to your widget.

Step 3/9

Select the screen you want to customize.

Step 4/9

Choose between a light and dark theme.

Step 5/9

Change the colors of different elements like fonts and buttons. Select your brand colors using the color code or color picker. No coding required!

Step 6/9

See all the changes displayed on the interface screen immediately.

Step 7/9

Change fonts, font weight, font size, and text alignment in a couple of clicks. Add custom fonts if needed.

Step 7/9

Buttons, illustrations, corner radius, checkboxes: everything is customizable.

Step 7/9

Here’s what a finished custom interface looks like. Get rid of time-consuming CSS customization with the Sumsub Editor.