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Sumsub Drives User Growth at RedotPay

  • Stephanie Leung

    Stephanie Leung

    Head of Compliance at RedotPay

  • 90%

    pass rate

  • 7 sec

    median verification time

  • 2023

    start of work with Sumsub

Through blockchain technology and digital assets, RedotPay is building a digital asset payment infrastructure that promotes greater financial inclusion and economic opportunities for cryptocurrencies. They focus on providing convenience and security to all the users, ensuring a smooth and safe payment experience.

The Challenge

RedotPay opted for an automated verification solution like Sumsub to enhance their KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, improve compliance, and streamline user onboarding. They found their previous manual verification methods less efficient, presenting scalability and user experience challenges, prompting the search for a more effective solution.

Why Sumsub?

RedotPay selected Sumsub for its robust KYC and compliance solutions. Sumsub’s features, including global coverage, real-time verification, and AI-driven technology, aligned seamlessly with the company’s requirements. Their main objectives in partnering with Sumsub were to enhance the speed and accuracy of user verifications, uphold compliance with international regulations, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Stephanie Leung

Stephanie Leung

Head of Compliance at RedotPay

Thanks to Sumsub, our verification process has become highly efficient and automated. We leverage Sumsub’s comprehensive verification system, which encompasses ID verification and liveness detection. These features have notably streamlined our KYC process, elevating security and user experience.


The integration of Sumsub was quick and smooth, from setup to full implementation, all accomplished within days. This highlights remarkable efficiency, considering the sophistication of the technology involved.

The Results

Through Sumsub, RedotPay achieved an 90% pass rate, experiencing significant user growth, particularly in emerging markets.

Stephanie Leung

Stephanie Leung

Head of Compliance at RedotPay

Sumsub goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive aid through their dedicated online compliance team, which is accessible round the clock. Their unwavering support is instrumental in assisting us with our KYC case investigations. Furthermore, as both the data processor and service provider, SUMSUB delivers a highly dynamic and customised eKYC service.

Future Plans

RedotPay aims to expand into new markets and innovate product offerings, leveraging Sumsub’s scalable and adaptable KYC solutions to navigate regulatory landscapes and bolster customer trust through reliable verification processes.

  • Fintech
  • Hong Kong

RedotPay is a leading payment solution company based in Hong Kong, dedicated to offering secure cryptocurrency payment solutions worldwide for seamless and efficient transactions.


40 employees
2021 year founded
1M users

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