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Pioneering User Verification for Italian Energy Services

  • Francesco Pagliari

    Francesco Pagliari

    Managing Director at Onda Più

  • 2008

    year founded

  • ~50,000

    customers of Eneron Group

  • 2024

    start of work with Sumsub

Onda Più, an energy services company headquartered in Siracusa, Italy, has a significant presence in Italy’s competitive energy market. Founded in the early 2000s, Onda Più operates as an integral part of the Eneron Group, which engages in solar and green hydrogen plant development. Together, they serve around 50,000 customers globally, providing both energy and gas services with a team of 60 employees. 

The Challenge

With nearly 1,000 operators, Italy’s energy market faces intense competition, especially when it comes to call center activities targeting new customers. Remote energy contracts require digital signatures via OTP and verification calls. However, concerns about customer onboarding quality arise due to outsourced call center services. 

Relying solely on OTP for verification leaves room for potential fraud, such as false contact details and identity information.

Why Sumsub?

Onda Più chose Sumsub to improve their onboarding procedures and differentiate themselves as a first-mover in adopting anti-fraud services. Sumsub was the ideal choice due to the following: 

  • Wide range of features and options for customization
  • Impressive customer experience
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of integration
  • Pricing model fitting the company’s needs
Francesco Pagliari

Francesco Pagliari

Managing Director at Onda Più

By implementing KYC technology, we aim to achieve two primary goals. The first is to improve our new customer onboarding process. The second is to differentiate from the energy market players by being the first-movers in adopting anti-fraud services.

The Solution

Onda Più has streamlined its verification process, integrating Sumsub’s advanced solutions into its onboarding workflow. Now, the company implements an identity check as an initial step, including liveness and ID verification, to ensure the authenticity of customer identities. Only customers who successfully pass these identity checks are eligible to proceed with signing a contract using OTP.

Onda Più also uses various additional features to mitigate fraud risks based on their previous experience:

  • IP address filtering
  • Risk labeling
  • Other digital identity markers like disposable emails and virtual phone numbers


Onda Più was initially skeptical about adopting KYC, as they thought the process could be complicated for older customers. Nevertheless, the majority of their customers have been able to navigate KYC free of trouble. 

Francesco Pagliari

Francesco Pagliari

Managing Director at Onda Più

Integrating Sumsub was smooth and easy. It took around four weeks to become familiar with the service features and build an efficient verification process.

The Results

The implementation of automated verification at Onda Più streamlined customer onboarding and improved the user experience. The company has since increased consumer confidence with contract closure rates

Additionally, Onda Più’s proactive adoption of new technologies has positioned the company as an innovator in the industry, especially when it comes to fraud prevention.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Onda Più plans to expand the adoption of Sumsub’s solution at the Eneron Group—particularly at Energit, a Sardinia-based energy company.

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Founded in 2008, Onda Più is a leading energy services company headquartered in Siracusa, Italy. Onda Più provides energy and gas services to a diverse customer base worldwide.

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