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Empowering Global Financial Inclusion Through Seamless Verification

  • George Georgiades

    George Georgiades

    Chief Strategy and Risk Officer

  • 81%

    pass rate

  • 47 sec

    median verification time

  • 2023

    start of work with Sumsub

NoOnes, a financial communication super app, connecting people from underbanked regions to the global financial system. Their comprehensive marketplace facilitates trading with various payment forms,  integrating a Bitcoin wallet as a store of value.

The Challenge

Recognizing the need for robust Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, NoOnes sought a solution that aligns with their commitment to user empowerment and time efficiency.

Why Sumsub?

NoOnes selected Sumsub for several key reasons:

  • Unwavering trust: Sumsub’s verification checks ensure the legitimacy of NoOnes’ users, instilling confidence and peace of mind.
  • Actionable insights: Sumsub’s analytics provide valuable data, optimize user experience, and inform strategic decisions.
  • Swift support: Sumsub’s responsive online support team minimizes disruptions by addressing issues promptly.
  • Tailored user journeys: Sumsub’s flexibility allows the company to configure user flows that match their unique needs.

The Solution

Sumsub’s AML Screening and Ongoing Monitoring form the cornerstone of NoOnes’ user verification procedure. 

Verifying customer identities is crucial, and Sumsub’s solutions perfectly address these requirements, providing the confidence and security NoOnes needs to empower their users.

George Georgiades

George Georgiades

Chief Strategy and Risk Officer at NoOnes

As we continue to expand our services, we believe that Sumsub’s robust verification solution will stand as a key enabler for our success.


Integrating Sumsub was a seamless process facilitated by the support of Sumsub’s engineers and NoOnes’ prior experience with the platform.

The Results

NoOnes has seen impressive results since implementing Sumsub. A significant 95% of the company’s revenue comes from customers who have successfully completed identity verification.

Future plans

NoOnes has ambitious plans for the future:

  • Document-free verification in Ghana: The company is excited about enabling Sumsub’s document-free verification in Ghana, revolutionizing access to financial services.
  • Navigating regulatory challenges: As NoOnes expands into new markets, they anticipate navigating complex regulatory requirements. They are optimistic that Sumsub’s expertise will ensure seamless compliance wherever they go.
George Georgiades

George Georgiades

Chief Strategy and Risk Officer at NoOnes

The success of document-free verification has the potential to broaden our reach, particularly in regions where access to traditional identification documents is limited.

  • Fintech
  • Estonia

NoOnes is a financial communication super app that empowers users by connecting them to the world’s financial system.


~1M users
99 employees
With Sumsub since 2023

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