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Crassula Nurtures Growth With Sumsub - a Reliable and Secure KYC Partner

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Dozens of financial companies around the world launch their online banks and payment systems on Crassula’s platform. To help them set up user accounts faster while keeping in line with AML requirements, Crassula needed to find a good ally — one with valuable expertise and advanced technological capabilities.

The Challenge

Many of Crassula’s clients wanted Sumsub as their identity verification solution even before Daria Dubinina, CEO and co-founder of Crassula, started considering options. Daria ultimately decided on Sumsub after meeting one of the company’s founders at a business event in Europe.

Daria Dubinina

Daria Dubinina

CEO and co-founder of Crassula

We met Jacob Sever at a fintech conference in the Netherlands. We exchanged a few ideas and our team had a chance to get a taste of Sumsub’s expertise. In the end, we were satisfied with the quality of communication and saw potential for further collaboration.

One of the main benefits for Crassula was that Sumsub works with many kinds of financial businesses and can navigate between different levels of risk.
This includes approaching both large and small companies — those that prioritize verification speed and accuracy, as well as those more focused on security and digitizing their AML compliance.

If the verification process takes more time than initially promised, the client may think that the entire platform is to blame, not just the verification provider. It was important for Crassula to ensure that the checks last no longer than promised and could be incorporated in a financial app. Besides, some of their clients had real concerns over security and needed strong protection against fraudulent users.

The Solution

Since partnering with Sumsub in 2019, Crassula has been able to meet the compliance and security needs of seven customers, improving the user experience for thousands.

Daria Dubinina

Daria Dubinina

CEO and co-founder of Crassula

We were very happy with Sumsub from the start. The integration went quickly and effortlessly. Then, we saw how good the support was. If companies requested for, let’s say, ‘stronger security measures’ or ‘more in-depth reporting’, we would be sure that Sumsub already took care of it. Regulations are constantly changing, and in spite of this, Sumsub allows us to provide our clients with all of the additional functions that they request. For our clients especially, this is important.

Sumsub helped Crassula and its customers hit their three main targets — speedy onboarding, strong anti-fraud, and multi-device compatibility.

Greater conversion rates through quick onboarding

Sumsub ensured that KYC checks take about a minute, while KYB checks take just a few hours, rather than days. This has made verification more people-friendly, effortless, and convenient from an end-user standpoint.

Blindspot-free security against financial crime

Since Crassula’s larger financial clients had many concerns around vulnerability, Sumsub used biometric checks, behavioral pattern monitoring, graphic editor detection, suspicious chargeback detection, in addition to global database cross-referencing to help prevent any potential fraud.

Effective performance across devices

Crassula’s platform is largely used for building payment or banking apps, so they needed a solution to suit both mobile and desktop device options. Sumsub works on any device, which easily satisfies this requirement.

The Results

Sumsub helped Crassula grow by bringing unique expertise to the platform. Now there’s no more stress from the constant search for separate solutions, which are often unreliable.

Daria Dubinina

Daria Dubinina

CEO and co-founder of Crassula

If we get a feature request from a client, Sumsub quickly delivers on the new functionality. If we want to take a step into a new, unknown market in Europe or Africa, Sumsub does the research to give us the best possible options, sharing their expertise on verification, fraud monitoring, and other relevant safety measures. There are no ticket systems, lengthy waiting lines, and other obstacles on the way to a productive response. We’re glad to be able to rely on Sumsub as we move ahead with our endeavors.

Together with Sumsub’s expert take on compliance and conversion-boosting technology, Crassula has put together a perfect environment for building new financial products and achieving growth.

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