Onboard billions of people in one click, document-free

Verifying people through government databases has never been faster. Sumsub gives you the power to check a 2 billion+ user base instantly. All it takes is a single click.

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Onboard billions of people in one click, document-free

Onboard document-free

Verify clients via government databases with just their ID number.

Validate provided documents

Cross-check submitted documents you must see through government databases for extra security.

Let your clients go document-free

Automatically verify user identity across a number of government databases. More than 2 billion people are already verifiable in Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, and India, with more to come soon.

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  • Boost pass rates

    Boost pass rates

    All your users need to do is input their ID number and smile into the camera. The process is secure on all ends.

  • Speed up onboarding

    Speed up onboarding

    Document-free verification means that users get onboarded in seconds. We’ll take care of everything else.

  • Stay fraud-free

    Stay fraud-free

    Sumsub verifies submitted data against government databases and confirms the user’s identity through a liveness check.

Cross-check documents
for extra protection

Sumsub can automatically compare submitted document scans with government databases, confirming legitimacy and screening against global watchlists.

  • Proof of Identity

    Proof of Identity

    ID cards, passports, driving licenses, etc

  • Proof of Address

    Proof of Address

    Utility bills, bank statements, deeds, etc

  • AML screening

    AML screening

    PeP, adverse media, sanction, and global watchlists

  • Background checks

    Background checks

    Past bankruptcies, liens, judgments, foreclosures, or criminal history

  • Additional data validation

    Additional data validation

    SSN, etc

  • Custom requests

    Custom requests

    Custom requests


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