Non-Doc Verification: Compliance Guide 2024

A breakdown of the where non-documentary verification serves as a compliant user onboarding method and how it works

Non-Doc Verification: Compliance Guide 2024

The future of verification is non-documentary.

This means streamlining onboarding solutions that enhance your user’s experience and boost your pass rates – all while staying compliant.

Regulatory support, such as AML legislation (FATF Recommendation 10), encourages non-documentary verification, creating opportunities beyond traditional norms.

Download this guide to learn which local jurisdictions accept non-documentary verification as a compliant user onboarding method, and which countries you can onboard users in using Sumsub’s Non-Doc Verification product.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What is Non-Doc Verification?
  • How to ensure compliance: Regulations by region
  • How to onboard users via Non-Doc Verification
  • How Sumsub helps meet regulatory requirements and global coverage
  • Use cases and benefits of non-documentary verification

Highlights: The financial sector is leading the digitalization wave, accepting document-free procedures for Customer Identification Programs (CIP) in compliance with the Bank Security Act (BSA). Even in gaming, FinCEN grants regulatory relief, allowing “non-documentary” identification verification for casinos.

In regions like Africa, document-free verification proves indispensable, combating rampant fraud and overcoming challenges posed by poor-quality documents. Globally, this innovative approach is gaining momentum, ensuring compliance and driving business growth. Experience the future of verification with proven results.

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