KYC solution for online gaming

Tackle World Cup traffic spikes with rapid KYC

Ensure a level playing field at your betting platform all the while handling unprecedented traffic spikes and curbing fraudsters completely

Handle any volume of new clients

Capitalize on any major event and welcome new bettors to your platform regardless of volume

Onboard bettors worldwide with ease

Any legit user from any country can now become your customer in less than a minute

Get fraud out of the picture, forever

No more fraud-related headaches. Prevent multiaccounting, fraud, cheating, and age check violations

Get ready for the biggest traffic
surge in years

Onboard any number of legit users during the World Cup with intuitive UI, secure yet minimal entry requirements, and a verification flow that takes less than a minute to pass. No worries about uptime, thanks to Sumsub’s advanced infrastructure capable of processing nearly any number of users simultaneously.


Super Bowl 2022


UEFA Euro 2020 (2021)


World Cup 2022*expected

Find out how much fraud will cost you

New active users/month
Welcome bonus amount (€)
Estimated fraud rate (%)
Money saved on fraud


Estimated value of welcome bonuses per month200
Approximate loss due to fraud60
Cost of fraud prevention per month (approximately)14.2

Place the right checks at the right stages

Don’t burden your clients with full KYC checks during onboarding, since they likely won’t follow through. Instead, place checks where and when they truly matter, maximizing onboarding pass rates and security.

Trusted by gambling platforms worldwide

Ryan White
Ryan White

CTO at Rivarly

There are a lot of providers that make promises of good experience for users. We have painfully implemented many of them over the years which ended with confusion and frustration for both our customers and developers. Sumsub is a product that just works. Seamless integration and UX give us a competitive advantage.

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