‘What The Fraud?’: Sumsub Launches Podcast to Discuss Latest Fraud Threats and Verification Solutions

Leading verification provider has unveiled its biweekly podcast ‘What The Fraud?’, hosted by Thomas Taraniuk, Head of Partnerships UK at Sumsub

Today Sumsub announced the launch of its own podcast, called ‘What The Fraud?’. Episodes will feature guest experts from diverse industries including AI, cybersecurity, fintech, crypto, and iGaming. The conversations will focus on how digital fraud impacts businesses, which challenges tech companies face amid rapid AI developments, and what they can do to prevent even the most advanced fraud.

Identity fraud may seem an abstract matter, unless you are a victim. Imagine believing a deepfake video of your company’s CFO and transferring over US$25M to scammers–this is exactly what happened to a Hong Kong-based multinational firm employee who thought that a synthetic AI-generated video was real. Deloitte Center for Financial Services predicts that synthetic identity fraud will incur at least US$23 billion in losses by 2030. ‘What The Fraud?’ podcast is created to address this very issue: the dangers digital fraud poses to people and companies, and how to fight it effectively.

Sumsub aims to transfer its expertise, educating business owners, risk managers, anti-fraud experts, compliance officers, and common users, on staying protected. Each episode will offer expert predictions, actionable advice and clear takeaways. The first season of the podcast will be dedicated to fraud challenges in crypto, iGaming, fintech and other industries, as well as fraud prevention strategies for businesses. The first episode features Peter Taylor, an experienced fraud consultant, discussing 2024 fraud trends. The second episode welcomes Walter Pasquarelli, a renowned expert on generative AI and synthetic realities, to explore  AI-powered fraud.

The podcast’s host, Thomas Taraniuk, Head of Partnerships, UK at Sumsub, explains:

“We found a lack of informative podcasts talking about digital fraud threats and prevention for business owners. So, we decided to dive in and share our expertise along with industry top minds in the ‘What The Fraud?’ podcast. We’ll cover the most pressing issues around fraud that businesses face today–from deepfakes and identity theft to account takeovers, money mules and forced verification. Tune in for the most comprehensive and up-to-date lowdown on fraud, and discover how to safeguard your business.”

In addition to launching this podcast, Sumsub already hosts two popular YouTube channels: “Sumsub” and “Sumsub for Experts”, and also shares compliance and AML expertise in a monthly Compliance Digest–all representing the key elements of the Sumsub Multiverse community, which unites forward-thinking compliance and fraud prevention experts striving to find innovative solutions towards creating a safe and inclusive digital future for all.To listen to the first episode of ‘What The Fraud?’ podcast by Sumsub, visit your favorite podcast platform or go to:

  • February 28, 2024
  • Corporate

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