Fast Onboarding

Customer onboarding in the digital age

The simplest way to make sure your customers are who they say they are

Live chat briefing

A chatbot instructs the user on the verification procedure in a clear and friendly manner.

Risk evaluation

Evaluation is performed at the selected AML/KYC compliance level and includes fully automated or human-assisted evaluation.

Smart Data Acquisition

  • The system automatically chooses the perfect angle and takes a clear picture.
  • The IDs are checked for signs of digital tampering and other forgeries.
  • Authenticity of documents is confirmed against thousands of public and proprietary databases.

Face liveness detection

The user records a short video of him/herself and says a phrase offered by the chatbot. These are used to confirm the presence of a live person via voicing random phrases and and mimicking emoji moves.

Advanced checks

Additional checks such as proof of address can be added on demand.

Core Benefits

Accurate text recognition

Recognition of all major writing systems, including hieroglyphs

Cutting-edge liveness proofing

3D face depth estimation, 51+ microexpressions detection and more

Instant fraud prevention

Antispoofing, multilayer clearance, behavior pattern analysis

Increased conversion rate

Engaging user experience, leading to more completed verifications

Omnichannel verification

Verification started on one device can be continued on another

Absolute compatibility

iOS, Android, Web SDK

Easy management

All workflow steps can be set up and controlled from a straightforward dashboard

Use Cases