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wundertax Reaches a 95% Approval Rate After Switching to Sumsub

  • Robin Wieczorek

    Robin Wieczorek

    CTO at wundertax

  • ~1.5

    million users

  • 95%

    average approval rate

  • 10 sec

    median processing time

With the motto “tax returns made easy,” wundertax has developed into the leading tax solutions provider for specific demographics. wundertax’s solution ensures you can submit your tax return online quickly, easily, and without prior knowledge or outside help.

Currently, wundertax operates in Germany, but they count expats as their primary target group.

The Challenge

Before Sumsub, wundertax used another solution with little automation. However, the company needed to automate more processes with less technical involvement to increase efficiency. That’s when they started to look for a faster and easier-to-use platform with better fraud detection.

Robin Wieczorek

Robin Wieczorek

CTO at wundertax

Many resources were going to manual verification, and we identified potential efficiency gains through automation. In addition, automating verification provided us with specific workflows for user behavior and increased security through better fraud detection and prevention.

Why Sumsub?

Sumsub was recommended to wundertax by another company for its advanced automation, low maintenance, and low manual effort.

Robin Wieczorek

Robin Wieczorek

CTO at wundertax

Our goals were to increase efficiency through automation, boost fraud detection, and improve the platform’s overall security.

The Solution

wundertax’s current verification process includes automated identification via document upload, a liveness check, and phone verification. The company uses automated verification for more significant enhancement and security.

The Results

End-to-end integration took less than 3 weeks. wundertax saw immediate results after integrating Sumsub, reaching an approval rate above 95%.

Future Plans

The company is expanding its offering to pensioners, and Sumsub is standing by to help them verify this demographic. 

  • Fintech
  • Germany

wundertax offers a specialized online service enabling customers to file their own tax returns simply and without prior experience.


2015 year founded
25+ employees
With Sumsub since 2023


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