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Improving Onboarding Journey at Payz: Verification in 17 Seconds

  • Jonathan Amrani

    Jonathan Amrani

    COO at Payz

  • 73%

    pass rate

  • 17 sec

    median verification time

  • 2023

    start of work with Sumsub

Established in 2000, Payz has been providing payment solutions to customers, businesses, and merchants worldwide. Offering instant, secure, and convenient payment services, Payz enables customers to send and receive money globally in over 50 currencies. With both physical and virtual card options, Payz users can make payments almost anywhere with ease.

The Challenge

Customer onboarding is an essential part of Payz’s daily operations. However, the complexity of verifying customers across diverse global regions poses a significant challenge. By automating this process, Payz aimed to not only reduce manual involvement and potential errors but also enhance the efficiency of the entire onboarding experience. Streamlining verification procedures allows Payz’s human resources to focus on more valuable tasks, improving overall operational efficiency.

Jonathan Amrani

Jonathan Amrani

COO at Payz

Having customers all over the world, we faced challenges with supporting non-Latin documents. With Sumsub, we wanted to extend coverage and automate processes in different countries.

Why Sumsub?

Before partnering with Sumsub, Payz utilized another provider for verification services. However, they needed a more cost-effective solution with enhanced service quality. Sumsub stood out by supporting a wider range of document types, resulting in fewer false positives with minimal manual involvement from operational teams. 

Payz highlighted Sumsub’s:

  • streamlined and straightforward integration process 
  • user-friendly management UI
  • continuous new features and enhancements to the platform

The Solution

With Sumsub, the verification process at Payz has been significantly streamlined. The process involves collecting identity documents to be verified by Sumsub, which Payz then analyzes the decision alongside other factors to make a final determination. This near-fully automated process not only ensures accuracy but also improves the onboarding journey for users.

Currently, Payz uses ID Verification and Workflow Builder.


Jonathan Amrani

Jonathan Amrani

COO at Payz

The integration process was really fast and easy, taking just a few weeks, with Sumsub helping us along the way.

The Results

Since integrating, verification time at Payz has decreased, now taking just 17 seconds on Sumsub’s end, plus a few minutes for Payz’s internal check. Payz has noticed improved efficiency and an overall enhancement in onboarding, particularly in emerging markets, where challenges such as supporting non-Latin documents were prevalent.

Jonathan Amrani

Jonathan Amrani

COO at Payz

In markets where we needed non-Latin documents verified, we saw an increase in efficiency and an overall improvement in onboarding.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Payz aims to further optimize its verification processes and expand the usage of Sumsub’s services. The company plans to explore additional integrations, such as Address Verification, to perform a variety of fully automated checks.

  • Fintech
  • United Kingdom

Payz is a global payment solution that lets users around the globe send, receive, and manage their money in multiple currencies.


2000 year founded
125 employees
2 mln users

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