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Verifying YouTube Creators 8x faster with Sumsub

  • Egor Nedbailo

    Egor Nedbailo

    Chief Technology Officer at Mediacube

  • 98%

    pass rate

  • 31 sec

    median verification time

  • 8x

    faster verification

Mediacube works with creators from over 60 countries with a combined audience of over 3 billion subscribers. They help creators monetize content, protect copyrights and make their channels even more popular. In 2023, the company’s turnover increased by 69%, totalling $126,303,060.

The Challenge

Since Mediacube specializes in paying creators and their partners, user verification is crucial as it ensures that the money is sent to the people who request it. That is why Mediacube decided to use an automatic verification solution to increase the security and convenience of the user identity verification process.

Egor Nedbailo

Egor Nedbailo

Chief Technology Officer at Mediacube

Automated verification allows us to quickly and efficiently confirm our customers’ identities, which helps prevent fraud and ensure data security. It also improves the user experience by speeding up the verification process and eliminating the need to submit documents for verification manually.

Previously, Mediacube performed user verification manually. Users uploaded their documents into the system, and managers manually checked the data. This process took a long time.

Why Sumsub?

Mediacube chose Sumsub for a number of key advantages over the competition:

  • High accuracy of identity verification
  • A clear interface
  • Flexible identity verification solutions tailored to different business needs
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements, including GDPR, KYC, and AML
  • Biometric verification to ensure a high degree of security and accuracy
  • Responsive support team

The Solution

Mediacube needed to secure its financial management solution, MC Pay, using strong profile protection. Through Sumsub, all users must verify their email, pass user verification, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Withdrawal of funds without completing these stages is impossible.

The user verification is performed by Sumsub, which compares documents provided by users with the data within Mediacube’s system. After completing the verification, Sumsub sends the user status back to Mediacube’s system via an API request. This way, the company confirms the authenticity of the user’s data and ensures the security of the fund withdrawal process.

Currently, Mediacube uses the following Sumsub features:


Egor Nedbailo

Egor Nedbailo

Chief Technology Officer at Mediacube

Thanks to our development team, good documentation, and the support team of Sumsub, full integration with the launch into production took just one month.

The Results

Mediacube was able to speed up the verification process and reduce the support team’s workload significantly. Previously, their support team spent around 3 minutes processing each case manually. Currently, the team only processes cases that actually require manual intervention, which is about 7% of the total.

Thanks to Sumsub, Mediacube has:

  • Improved user experience due to fast online verification
  • Boosted fraud prevention and data security
  • Ensured compliance with all regulatory requirements, including GDPR, KYC, and AML
  • Saved time and resources previously spent on manually verifying documents and user identities.

Future Plans

Mediacube aims to become a leading fintech solution for the creative economy and expand its presence as a payment solution beyond YouTube. In this regard, they plan to expand their cooperation with Sumsub, increasing transaction volumes and implementing new potential opportunities.

Egor Nedbailo

Egor Nedbailo

Chief Technology Officer at Mediacube

In the future, we also plan to use Sumsub’s Reusable KYC to export user tokens to our partners to avoid users going through the KYC process again.

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Mediacube is a fintech company creating financial products for content creators worldwide. MC Pay is Mediacube’s advanced financial management solution that stores the creator’s money, personal data, and transaction information.


2015 year founded
219 employees
300K registered users
With Sumsub since 2021

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