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Electric Car-sharing Platform Boosts Verification from 24 Hours to 95 Seconds

  • Frederic Nachbauer

    Frederic Nachbauer

    Co-founder and CTO

    Frederic Nachbauer is the CTO at ELOOP.

  • Simon Plieseis

    Simon Plieseis

    Lead Software Developer at ELOOP

    As a Full Stack Developer, Simon specializes in back-end development, software project management, and system design. With a strong proficiency in Node.js, MongoDB, and React.js, he has trained and mentored junior developers, managed time-sensitive updates, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure cohesive alignment.

  • 95 sec

    average verification time

  • 83,4%

    approval rate

  • 45%

    increase in one-time trips

ELOOP operates an electric car-sharing fleet and is the first company in the world enabling users to purchase a part of the fleet in the form of a token. A key part of ELOOP’s mission is to open up its in-house tokenization platform to other companies.

ELOOP changes mobility by:

  1. Offering zero-emission car sharing;
  2. Tokenizing their own vehicles with the power of blockchain technology;
  3. Tokenizing cars from other mobility providers to create a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem.

The company has sold over €1.5M in ELOOP ONE tokens in Austria.

The Challenge

Before Sumsub, ELOOP wasn’t happy with their verification provider. It couldn’t detect certain documents, such as Austria’s paper driving licenses with minimum security features, and was understaffed. This meant that verification could take from 12 to 24 hours, especially on the weekends. Needless to say,  ELOOP had to look for an alternative solution.

Why Sumsub?

ELOOP tried several other providers, but in the end, they stuck with Sumsub. Here’s why:

  • Verification speed. ELOOP needed to verify users in minutes. 
  • Device compatibility. The company needed a solution that works on any device, which many other providers couldn’t offer.
Frederic Nachbauer

Frederic Nachbauer

Co-Founder & CTO

We constantly checked what we could improve as we had to back-test our previous provider all the time. We were wasting time, as we wanted a solid solution that works out of the box and supports various document types and configurations.

The Solution

Sumsub provides ELOOP with three simple verification steps: 

  1. Phone Verification
  2. ID Verification (Driver’s licenses)
  3. Liveness and Face Match

Sumsub was also able to help ELOOP extract categories on Austrian drivers’ licenses thanks to its rapid OCR.


It took ELOOP less than a month to switch to Sumsub. The product integration took less than two weeks, with the company needing additional time to switch from their old provider and cross-check everything.

Simon Plieseis

Simon Plieseis

Lead Software Developer at ELOOP

Sumsub’s documentation is well-written, which makes integration easy and straightforward. And the customization is very flexible; we can put our own design system into the verification flow.

The Results

ELOOP saw results immediately after switching to Sumsub. Before, the company’s average verification time was around 10 minutes, stretching to 24 hours on the weekends. With Sumsub, verification time decreased to 95 seconds, and their approval rate grew to 83%.

They also saw a 45% increase in single trips for their one-time users, which is a very satisfying result. 

Now, users spend much less time in front of the car. Thanks to Sumsub, ELOOP got many more single trips, which helped grow the company’s revenue.

Future plans

In the near future, ELOOP plans to expand to Munich and other cities. They also plan to introduce a platform where new mobility providers can tokenize their fleets.

  • Transportation
  • Austria


ELOOP is a car-sharing company based in Austria. They’ve revolutionized the shared mobility market by creating a bridge between blockchain and traditional business.


200 EVs in the fleet
70K users in Vienna
2017 year founded
20 employees
With Sumsub since May 2022

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