Mar 07, 2024
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Ask Sumsubers: Is Non-Doc Verification a compliant user onboarding solution?

Sumsub keeps getting questions from our followers about the specifics of regulatory compliance, verification, automated solutions, and everything in between. We’ve therefore decided to launch a bi-weekly Q&A series, where our legal, tech, and other experts answer the most frequently asked questions. Check out The Sumsuber and our social media every other Thursday for new answers, and don’t forget to ask about the things that interest you.

This week, our Head of Data Intelligence, Vainius Fedotovas, will tell us  where Sumsub’s Non-Doc solution is compliant.

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Is Non-Doc Verification a compliant user onboarding solution?

Document-free methods are compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations in most jurisdictions—however, explicit requirements for user onboarding may still vary on a country-by-country basis, depending on the risk level of a given business operation. That’s why it’s important for organizations to ensure that their user verification measures adhere to the national due diligence requirements and AML frameworks.

We at Sumsub provide general guidance for businesses concerning the legitimacy ofNon-Doc Verification in different countries, which can be found on our Legal Substantiation and Limitations page.

Sumsub’s Non-Doc Verification is a 100% compliant way to onboard customers in many regions, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malta, Nigeria, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, the UAE, the UK, and the USA. We regularly update the list of countries where Non-Doc Verification is compliant with national regulations, following continuous legal investigations conducted on a global level.

Achieving full regulatory compliance in jurisdictions not mentioned on our list can be easily accomplished by integrating Non-Doc Verification with other services available in our all-in-one verification platform. This includes Transaction Monitoring and Document Verification.

The Sumsub platform is specifically designed to provide tailor-made solutions, ensuring 100% AML compliance and security even in high-risk cases.

Vainius Fedotovas

Head of Data Intelligence

You can also refer to the Non-Doc Compliance Guide to understand where non-documentary verification serves as a compliant user onboarding method and how it works.

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