Sumsub Offers First Automated Solution for Responsible Gaming Control

New set of rules based on Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring system helps operators, B2B, and B2C platforms comply with responsible gaming regulations

Sumsub today announces the release of its Responsible Gaming solution, the first automated solution by a leading verification provider in gaming compliance enabling companies to ensure safe and responsible gaming behavior.

September is the Responsible Gaming Education month by the American Gaming Association, and Sumsub is joining the global gaming community’s efforts to protect players with its new solution aimed at online gaming platforms. These platforms and sites have an obligation to promote responsible gaming and protect their players, otherwise they may face huge fines or have their license revoked. Responsible gaming is a set of guidelines designed to protect vulnerable players, ensure regulation compliance, mitigate legal risks, and preserve a platform’s reputation. It foresees operators’ responsibility to implement measures preventing harmful gaming behavior by setting deposit limits, offering self-exclusion options, and providing resources for players to seek help if they develop a gambling addiction.

This first automated solution was developed based on Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring system and global compliance expertise, offering a set of rules for responsible gaming controls. Those include: flexible KYC (Know Your Customer) workflow setup, betting patterns analysis and players’ behavior monitoring, and suspicious activities alerts, as well as potential gaming addiction checks. These rules are designed to help gaming operations detect deposit amounts disproportionate to player’s income, if a player raises or disables their gambling limits, check gaming session frequency and duration, playing time, and more.

Sumsub also provides pre-setup rule bundles for onboarding users in certain countries and checking their gaming activities in accordance with local regulatory requirements. Such automatization allows sports betting platforms to not only reduce manual work time and cost, but avoid risks associated with the human factor. Ultimately, the solution helps businesses in the gaming sector tackle identity theft and payment fraud, prevent issues from bonus abuse to account takeovers and money laundering, and maintain overall responsible gaming compliance.

“This new Responsible Gaming control solution ensures online gaming platforms detect players with addiction, mitigate fraud risks and ensure full compliance with the latest industry regulations all in a timely manner,” said Tony Petrov, Chief Legal Officer at Sumsub. “There are numerous checks that can be performed when monitoring transactions related to gaming, and when properly set, they help indicate possible gambling issues. By providing an automated, yet flexible, set of rules, Sumsub stays at the forefront of safe gambling and actively promotes responsible gaming among organizations shaping the industry.”

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  • September 19, 2023
  • Product

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