Dec 13, 2021
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Sumsub Mobile SDK: Fast Customer Verification That Works Right in Your App

Don’t let paying customers wait. Integrate Sumsub’s identity verification tool with your mobile app to onboard customers in a flash.

In the world of e-commerce, consumers now prefer using mobile apps over websites to access goods and services. Today, apps take up to 90% of all mobile uptime—so it’s no surprise that apps now drive the majority of mobile sales. Therefore, the better your app’s user experience, the more opportunities you have to increase revenue.

Nowadays, it’s crucial for customers to get instant access to their online service—and this means that user verification should be seamless. But, if the mobile experience isn’t good enough, up to 40% of users can switch to a competitor.

Another risk to user conversion comes from increasing regulatory requirements, including—but not limited to—KYC, AML, and CDD rules. These compliance obligations can complicate the verification process, presenting additional challenges to customer acquisition. What’s more, regulations can be especially strict in certain countries and industries, bringing down user conversion rates to an even greater extent.

If people access your service through an app (and you want to get them verified without dropping your conversion rate), integrating a fraud-proof mobile SDK is the best decision. This will create a safe and seamless verification path which gives users real-time feedback and instantaneous results—making it much easier for prospective users to become paying customers.

Sumsub’s Mobile SDK is a user-friendly interface that verifies users quickly and in one go, all while ensuring full compliance with shifting global regulations. The solution also features liveness technology, built in house. This advanced check verifies customers through quick biometric checks, using mobile cameras to ensure users’ live presence in just a few seconds.

Sumsub’s verification methods are iBeta-compliant, which means that they have successfully passed penetration tests, reflecting a high level of security. In other words, your users’ data will be reliably protected from unauthorized access.

What is the Sumsub Mobile SDK?

Our mobile SDK is a pre-built widget that can be integrated right into your mobile app, with all data transferred through API. Once up and running, the SDK quickly collects all necessary user information to get instantaneous verification results.

The verification steps are fully-customizable, meaning that you have full control over the user’s journey—even the design, look, and feel. Simply put: our mobile SDK is like a Lego set, where you can assemble the blocks according to your required verification levels. So you’ll have opportunities to build different flows for different types of customers. For instance, users from high-risk jurisdictions can go through a more intensive flow, and vice versa.

As for biometric checks, Sumsub’s Mobile SDK features in-house liveness technology. This check verifies users by asking them to look straight into the camera for a few seconds. So all it takes is one simple movement to transform applicants into verified customers.

The Sumsub Mobile SDK also has features like Fast Fail and Assisted Image Capture. These are designed to prevent user drop-offs and ensure that verification is completed in one go—increasing approval rates and mobile app retention overall. But the benefits of our SDK don’t stop there, as we regularly update our solution to ensure seamless performance and an even better user experience.

How can the Sumsub Mobile SDK help your business?

Sumsub’s Mobile SDK complies with fast-changing regulations and detects fraud automatically—all while giving honest customers secure access to your products and services. Here are some of the specific advantages of our solution:

  • Rapid and effortless integration

    You don’t need to waste time and resources on integrating your app with Sumsub’s Mobile SDK. All it takes is just a few quick and easy steps.Get in touch with our team so we can show you around.

  • Customizable verification process

    Adapt the flow to your needs and the specifics of your industry. Also, the interface can be localized into foreign languages, keeping conversion high for users around the world.

  • Pre-built interfaces

    Searching for designers and developers is costly and time-consuming. We have everything you need for fast integration, so you can start verifying users in no time.

  • Liveness check

    Our biometric check lasts 4 seconds, analyzing facial biometrics to determine if the user is truly present.  This is so that imposters using masks, deepfakes, and pre-recorded videos can’t get through. Liveness can be easily performed at any place and any time. All users have to do is just to look straight into the camera for a few seconds, and Sumsub creates a 3D mask for each user—comparing it with the face pictured on their documents. This process is secure and certified under ISO 30107 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) standards.

  • Fast fail

    Users get hints and real-time feedback if they make a mistake during verification. For instance, if the uploaded ID document is unreadable or doesn’t include all required fields, the system offers the user to retake the photo before proceeding to the next step. This way, users can successfully retry every step of the verification process.

  • Assisted image capture

    This feature reduces drop-offs during the ID scanning process by automatically capturing the required fields of a document. Our Mobile SDK automatically sorts out all images that do not comply with the required technical characteristics.

  • OCR module

    This system automatically converts information listed on IDs into text, filling in all required blanks. This way, the end-users don’t have to input data manually, saving time and reducing human error. Moreover, this system is multilingual and therefore compatible with non-Latin scripts, such as the Cyrillic and Hebrew alphabets.

  • Email and mobile phone verification

    The latest version of our Mobile SDK includes extra levels for email and mobile phone number verification. This helps us determine if end-users are genuine, rather than fraudsters trying to gain access to your app.

All in all, Sumsub’s Mobile SDK offers a variety of practical verification features that shorten the user’s onboarding path without increasing your app’s size or network load. 

How to use the Sumsub Mobile SDK

There are just a few steps to getting started with our Mobile SDK.

Step 1: Integrate Sumsub’s Mobile SDK with your mobile app

When integrating, choose between IOS or Android platforms. We also have prepared plugins for React Native, Cordova, and Flutter frameworks.

Step 2: Build your verification flow and customize its look and feel  

Don’t make users feel like they’re been redirected. Stay true to your brand’s look and feel. This eliminates drop-offs and enhances confidence between you and users.

Step 3: Make necessary changes in the dashboard

Make use of the dashboard, where you’ll observe the verification process in real-time. From here, you can request changes or use manual checks if needed.

In short, you don’t need to use up time and resources to integrate our Mobile SDK into your app. Plus, you can get verifying straight away. 

How to make the right choice?

In an era of increasing digital threats, businesses need a Mobile SDK that’s not only high quality but also protective of user data. Sumsub’s Mobile SDK ensures the security of all document types, strengthening user trust. To stay fully compliant with legal requirements, we request as little personal information as possible, provide real-time feedback, and send instantaneous results right in your app.

Besides, we have a 24/7 support team that’s always happy to answer any questions you have.

Start verifying users in one day with our customizable and user-friendly Mobile SDK for Android and IOS.

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