Jun 09, 2022
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Sumsub Integrates with Salesforce For Seamless User Onboarding

With this new integration, Sumsub makes it easier for Salesforce customers to verify users, stay compliant, and keep fraudsters at the door.

Sumsub has integrated its identity verification solutions with Salesforce and is now available on AppExchange (Salesforce’s enterprise marketplace).

The integration empowers Salesforce clients to provide users with an enhanced customer experience. No more switching between tabs—now KYC can be passed right in Salesforce. Clients can also use the integration to stay compliant and fight fraud, thanks to:

  • Smooth identity verification directly on Salesforce. Businesses can easily integrate Sumsub solutions through Salesforce AppExchange. Accordingly, users can pass KYC/AML checks without leaving the Salesforce platform. Moreover, businesses can view and analyze identity check results right in Salesforce.
  • Global coverage and high conversion rates. Salesforce customers can scale up globally since, Sumsub’s identity checks cover more than 220 countries. Plus, Sumsub’s OCR-empowered solution can scan multilingual documents including those written in Latin, Cyrillic, Hieroglyphic and Semitic scripts.
  • Advanced fraud prevention. Businesses can customize their verification flows by following a risk-based approach. This helps onboard legitimate customers faster while reliably detecting fraudsters.

You can find more information about configuring the Salesforce integration in the Sumsub Help Center.

Integrate Sumsub KYC and anti-fraud solutions with your Salesforce user flows to stay compliant and keep fraudsters at the door.

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